Schulze, Klaus

The pioneer of electronic music and one of the first artists that introduced the Berlin school style.
His music is timeless.

Schulze, Klaus
Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog IX

Artist: : Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 2002
PK 08/163
LTD: 3000

The disc starts us off in dark droney tunnels. The tone changes rather quickly. Slow moving brilliance, building to some chilled beats. There are some more upbeat elements similar to alien community I+II's beat oriented material. The music is deep and emotional sounding. With -7:30 in part one, Klaus Schulze shines. This mixes with (at -4:55) an amazing synth combination, that will make you smile. Hypnotic mind trance. The journey slows into a klaus schulze ambient fadeout.
part two -
Again, drones building into something moving, and something impending. A rather intense piece that never seems to let you go. It hovers and haunts.
part three -
A brighter beginning, leading way to an upbeat sequence. There are some nice tangerine dream moments throughout. A beautiful ambient dream swells within. With -1:40, schulze emerges again.
part four and five -
Ambience with a nice build. The beat like sequences slowly tease us with a short coming climax (starting -8:15). A single loop builds with intensity, only to fade away. At -6:53, some electronic tangerine dream synths swirl around the backdrop beat. The cd closes on with some heavenly samples. Slow moving namlook loops, build slightly, and come back down. With -6:53, schulze breaks into the foreground. A slow funky bass lurks through the electronics creating a chilled environment. Again there are some elements from the alien community series.
part six -
A nice highlight of schulze and namlook to end a wonderful journey (even though rather short).

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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog VIII

Artist: Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 1999/ 2004
AW 034

Recorded Live .. for the first time Klaus and Peter joined forces to perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd on the 23.Jazz (!) Festival Hamburg. The musical variety is immense on this album. From slow and mellow to fast and haunting... always a surprise around the corner ... the best of what you expect from their eighth collaboration: Klaus Space-chords, typical 70ies sequences from his big modular system, huge atmospheres as well as Peter playing the Trautonium (Live for the first time (!)), Rhythms between Electro, Jazz and Jungle. The music on this CD is quite a trip, the frenetic applause even in the set (you can hear this ringmodulated through the EMS VCS3 of Pete Namlook).

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Schiller - Sehnsucht LTD

Artist: Schiller
P: 2008

This is Schiller's brand new double disc album with 31 brand new stompers. Both CD's are different in there own way. First CD consists of Schiller's Trademark Fairytale/StoryTelling ElectrOpera while the second cd moves straight from one track to another. Again the songs in both albums are sung in variety of languages including English, German and even Spanish. This album is up there with Tag and Nacht & Leben but just the fact that this has so many outstanding tracks and it was produced in such little time since Tag and Nacht makes this a top notch and most daring/in your face Schiller album to date. To some it all up, This is the SEXIEST album released this year...
This is the CD & DVD Set Version with different trackcollection than the other Sehnsucht versions.

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Solipsist Paradise - Aware

Artist: Solipsist Paradise
P: 1996
The man behind Solipsist Paradise are the musicians from Wave World.
Klaus Schulze and Joerg Schaaf did some additional performance and arrangements on the track "Biosphere".
This was the winner CD from the Keyboards Magazine out of 1996.

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Stomu Yamashta - Go

Artist: Stomu Yamashta,Steve Winwood,
Michael Schrieve, Klaus Schulze, Al Di Meola
P: 1976 / 2008
Stomu Yamashta is a master percussionist who studied jazz drumming at the Berklee School Of Jazz. In the 1970's he recorded a string of innovative albums for Island records which utilised the talents of such leading musicians as Hugh Hopper, Maurice Pert, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze, fusing his percussion talents with jazz, electronic and classical music to creat an ambient form of music all of his own. His music has been used by the Royal Ballet.
Originally released in April 1976, "Go" is perhaps Yamashta's finest achievement and also featured collaborators Steve Winwood and Michael Shrieve along with artists such as Klaus Schulze and ex-Traffic and future Can bassist Rosko Gee.

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Stomu Yamashta - Go live from Paris

Artist: Stomu Yamashta,Steve Winwood,
Michael Schrieve, Klaus Schulze, Al Di Meola
P: 1976 / 2007
The stage show was recorded at the Palais Des Sports in Paris, France on June 12, 1976 and the recital setting allows for considerably longer and more exploratory interaction amongst Stomu Yamashta (percussion/piano), Steve Winwood (vocals/keyboards) and Michael Shrieve (drums). They are joined by legendary jazz axeman Al DiMeola (guitar) as well as Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel veteran Klaus Schulze (synthesizer) -- all of whom had contributed to Go. Filling out the band are Jerome Rimson (bass), Pat Thrall (guitar), Brother James (congas) and Karen Friedman (vocals). Specifically, the licks traded between DiMeola and Shrieve are comparable to the workouts the pair shared as part of the Borboletta (1974) era Santana.
In terms of sheer intensity, it is hard to beat DiMeola's searing leads and Winwood's blue-eyed soul on the driving "Ghost Machine," easily topping its former incarnation.
"Surfspin" lands into the funky mid-tempo "Time Is Here" highlighted by Karen Friedman's expressive exchanges with Winwood, while Rimson punctuates the rhythm with some penetrating bass interjections.
This is followed by the sole Winwood composition "Winner/Loser," which further exemplifies how the spontaneity of the concert yields results that best their predecessors. In fact, on the whole the material on Go sounds like a blueprint for the exceptional and inspired outing found here. The second movement commences with fairly even renditions of the trifecta "Solitude," "Nature" and "Air Voice" -- which had previously been given the name "Air Over."
"Crossing the Line" is an additional zenith, spotlighted by Winwood's emotive vocals and the untamed and otherwise incendiary frenzy of fretwork courtesy of DiMeola.
Clocking in just shy of a quarter-hour, "Man of Leo" provides another opportunity for the players to loosen up and fuse their collective improvisations behind DiMeola's intense soloing and the similarly seminal instrumental offerings from Shrieve, Rimson -- who is at his most melodic -- and Freidman's haunting warbles.

Recorded at the Palais Des Sports in Paris, France on June 12, 1976
All songs composed by Stomu Yamashta lyrics by Michael Quartermain and Steve Winwood
Stomu Yamashta - percussion, piano
Klaus Schulze - synthesizers
Steve Winwood - vocals, keyboards
Michael Shrieve - drum kit
Al DiMeola - solo guitar
Pat Thrall - guitar
Karen Friedmann - vocals
Brother James - congos
Jerome Kimson - bass

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Stomu Yamashta - Go Too

Artist: Stomu Yamashta, Michael Schrieve,
Klaus Schulze, Al Di Meola
P: 1977 / 1993
Stomu's label switch from Island to Arista is a bit convoluted, but keeps many things intact. Such as Paul Buckmaster handling the orchestral arrangements, and the familiar cast including Al Dimeola on guitar, Klaus Schulze on synths and Michael Shrieve on drums. Gone is Steve Winwood on vocals, and added are other new players. Not as ethereal as the first, but it has it's moments. Best cuts are "Mysteries of Love", "Beauty" and "You and Me". Definitely recommended.
The album basically alternates between some cool funky numbers with smoking guitar solos by Al DiMeola over top-shelf fusion/funk grooves laid down by Michael Shrieve of early Santana fame and Paul Jackson, J. (Headhunters), and soulful slower pieces featuring vocals by British singers Jess Roden and session vocalist Linda Lewis as well as Doreen Chanter, all relatively unknown in their own right, but with powerful contributions on this album. Various synth interludes are provided by Klaus Schulze. Yamashta's percussion and keyboards are less prominent on this album.

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V/A - Beyond the Skies

Artist: Jarre, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze

P: 1998
Very good collection of the best electronic music tracks around the year 1998.

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V/A - Galaxy Vol. II

Artist: Software, Hoenig, Eno,
Oldfield, Ashra u.a.

P: 1990
This is one of the early IC Collections with the best tracks from the electronicmusic world, not only with IC releases, more with best of all tracks.

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V/A - KLEM 2 Electronische Muziek 1994

Artist: Peter Mergener, Michael Garrison, Klaus Schulze,
John Dyson, Steve Roach, John Kerr, Johannes Schmölling u.a.

P: 1994
LTD 1000
Released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of KLEM. Most of new and unique tracks by the listed artists.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

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V/A - Planets of the Universe 2

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Brainwork,
Roman, Venja, Ron Boots u.a.
P: 1996
This is a nice collection of new and old electronic music artists from the beginning of the 90s.
Just a good selection of all the CUE-Records titles of that time.

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V/A - Radiowellen

Artist: Klaus Schulze Michael Rother,
Boots, Keller, Schönwälder u.a.

P: 1995
A very nice compilation with old and new tracks fro the listed artist. Compiled by the radioworkers from local stations.

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V/A - Spheric Music Silver (Schulze, Schroeder a.o.)

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, Axess, Loreau, Lambert
P: 2016
No, we are not Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk or Vangelis. But Spheric Music celebrates
its 25th birthday by presenting again a precious, high-quality electronic sampler
with unreleased jewels of Spheric Music artists as well as 2 rare bonus tracks by
Joel Fajerman and Klaus Schulze! 

The opener by Joel Fajerman, known for his french film music, is a rare track of
his archive, which is the debut for Joel Fajerman on Spheric Music (a further
release is scheduled). Also a rare gem came by Klaus Schulze. It is a honour
to have him on board with „The Breeze“
a title long time go released on the “Contemporary Works 1” Box (out of stock for a long time). The CD ends with the earworm “Silver” by label owner Lambert. The album is characterized by melodic electronics, rhythmic-pulsating tracks, harmonic sounds, melancholy atmospheres and traditional Berlin School titles The featured artists are known for:
Joel Fajerman (L'aventure des plantes / the secret life of the plants), Robert Schroeder (Cygnus-A), Klangwelt (Weltweit), Axess (Pyramid Peak), Vanderson (Vandisphere), Rudolf Heimann (Touch The Sky), Mesmerised (Palantir – Empire Of Illusions), Bertrand Loreau (Le Pays Blanc, From Past To Past), Klaus Schulze (Mirage, Moondawn etc), Lambert (Light Sky, Drachenreise).

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V/A - TVS.2 (Klaus Schulze)

Artist: Klaus Schulze u.a.
P: 2002
This is a compilation of bassdub jam titles, with one exclusive track by Klaus Schulze.

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V/A - Visions of Sound

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1994
Very nice compilation from the EDEL company with one so far unreleased track by Klaus Schulze.

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Various Artists - A Brief History of Ambient Vol. 2

Artist: TD, Klaus Schulze, Eno, Froese u.a.
P: 1993
What you get is a fairly decent ambient selection from Virgin's rich and varied back catalogue from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Some of it naturally sounds a little dated, but it is a history lesson so what do you expect.

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Various Artists - Dali: The Endless Enigma

Artist: Stearns, Huygen, Walter Holland,
Djam Karet, Loren Nerell, Klaus Schulze,
Bo Tomlyn, Steve Roach, Robert Rich

P: 1990
This is a truly great, moody, mixed up album. I bought it because I am a great fan of Steve Roach, who has the last tracks. All the other artists are great, each track a different aural interpretation of a different Dali painting. It's like looking at Dali through headphones. Try getting a book with images by Dali, and looking at the pictures while listening to the music composed for each one. Moody, creepy, raucaus, dreamy, eclectic...Dali.

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Various Artists - Schrittmacher Tasty Tracks Vol.1

Artist: Klaus Schulze, M. Schönwälder, D. Keller, Wave World...
P: 2004
Exclusive new tracks by the listed artists. All played with the Schrittmacher Sequencer build from Manikin.

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