Wadephul, Ralf

His music education started with basic lessons, sacred music school, to learn how to play a church organ, and the Berlin School of Arts, becoming a recording engineer. This profile is similar to a sound engineer or producer, while studying music and relate technology, with emphasis on classical music and piano. Since 1988 he worked with Tangerine Dream. They toured North America and scored some movies. In 1990 he quit the job cause of musical differences. After finishing his studies he worked as a freelanced sound engineer. His main focus is the final mix of the German dubbing versions of movies for cinema or TV.
Wadephul, Ralf
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.217 06/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 217
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Tangerine Dream - Blue Dawn

Artist: Tangerine Dream
P: 2006   
The 'Blue Dawn' is a collaboration between an old chap of Edgar, Ralf Wadephul (he accompained TD on their US tour in 1988) and Edgar Froese himself.
It will contain unreleased stuff from the two guys which came out of nightliner sessions, hotel suite compositions and later collaborations.
The material of this album was composed during tangerine dream's north american tour back in August/September 1988. weeks after weeks in tour busses, planes, hotels and various locations gave the two guys here the opportunity to get musically into something different off stage. The plan was to release the stuff as an on and off the road album later in the year. The road feeling as well as the summertime in the states had been a strong influence for these compositions. The album was completed while hanging out after the tour at a friend's place in LA. Because of various reasons the album had a delay for over about seventeen years before it now will be presented to the public.

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Various Artists - Manikin Records "Second Decade 2002-2012"

Artist: Schönwälder, Fanger, Keller,
P: 2012
This is a compilation of unreleased tracks from all the artists of the Manikin Label.

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W.A.dePHUL - Ich bin ein Berliner-Live at Ricochet Gathering

Artist: W.A.dePHUL
P: 2013

All tracks are arranged and performed by Ralf Wadephul & friends and are based on live recordings at the Ricochet Gathering in Berlin on October 17, 2010 at Rathaus Schöneberg in celebration of 40 years of Berlin School electronic music.

The title is derived from the famous John F. Kennedy speech Ich Bin ein Berliner (I am a Berliner).

Track 7 includes a Tribute to Van Halen's "1984/Jump".

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W.A.dePHUL - When Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water

Artist: W.A.dePHUL
P: 2008   

Some might remember this musician from the short period he worked with Tangerine Dream back in the late eighties. Ralf, who nowadays works as freelance recording and sound engineer, states the music on this album was inspired by the tracks composed during TD's '88 North America Tour. In 2006, the album "Blue Dawn" (released under the name Tangerine Dream) saw the light of day, which contained several of Ralf's unreleased tracks, to which Edgar Froese added some guitar next to contributing some of his own pieces. But according to the statement on his website, Ralf thinks the outcome on that cd wasn't the thing he had in mind.
The concept album "When Aliens meet a drop of Water" contains a 67-minute musical kaleidoscope of his original versions of these tracks, which carries on in TD's style of the late `80s.

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