Brian Williams is a Welsh electronic musician often credited for creating the dark ambient genre with albums recorded under the name Lustmord.
Lustmord - A Document Of Early Acoustic + Tactical Experimentation

Artists: Lustmord
P: 1982 / 2005
The CD issue of material originally released as the first (untitled) Lustmord album on Sterile Records in 1982.
Recorded at the studios of pioneering synthesizer manufacturers EMS, (Synthi A, VCS 3 etc.)
Featuring John Balance of Coil and additional voices by Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions, and Nigel Dunster.
The CD version features longer edits of some of the material, along with additional material not on the LP, including tracks from both the "Rising From The Red Sand" compilations (Third Mind 1983 & 1984)) and "The Elephant Table Album" compilation (Xtract 1983)
This release is intended as a document of early activity.

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Lustmord - Juggernaut

Artists: Lustmord
P: 2007
Limited digipak edition 2000 copies
Juggernaut unleashes four tracks worth of menacing ambient tremors, boomeranged drones and ominous sonic moonscapes in swell after unsettling swell of creeping electronic deviance.
Initially recorded for an art opening by Chris Cooper in August 2004, this version of the Juggernaut collaboration is a limited release and an updated version of the original recording.
Lustmord - synthesizer
King Buzzo - guitar, vocals

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Lustmord - Monstrous Soul

Artists: Lustmord
P: 1992 / 2004
This is a re-issue from the early nineties, first released on World Serpent, and it certainly sends a shiver of recognition down my spine.
At the time it was recorded Brian Williams of Lustmord was living in a squat at the Oval, then one of the bleakest areas of South London. I speak of this from experience, as at that time I was myself living but a stone's throw away, in a studio flat near Kennington tube. It was a bitter time: decaying tower blocks, boarded up shops heavily defaced with graffiti, huge empty ransacked buildings, burned out cars and the streets strewn with rubbish, smeared with excrement.
Those streets were mean too. Twice in the space of a year I was robbed at knife point.
The Monstrous Soul conjures up the gloom and the despair of the time, its dark booming electronics mingling with sinister references to devils and demons as real as the ugliness of urban blight and human degradation. Active since 1980, with strong links to other dark ambient/industrial acts such as Coil, SPK, Current 93 (also resident in Kennington at the time) and Throbbing Gristle, Lustmord have released a string of dense, doomy, high quality recordings.
A personal favorite is the early Paradise Disowned, literally an underground record in that it was put together in such diverse subterranean locations as an abattoir, the ocean floor and the crypt of Chartres Cathedral.
However, The Monstrous Soul, with its repeated samples from the cult horror flick Night of the Demon, and subtle input from Clock DVA founder Adi Newton, runs it pretty close in my estimation.

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Lustmord - Songs of Gods and Demons

Artists: Lustmord
P: 2011

Collected Works 1994-2007
Corvus Mysterium: Original material later developed for a movie in 1994 and it's sequel in 1996 The Blasted Plain: A companion piece to the music created for the Tool Vicarious DVD menu. Recorded in 2007.
Neural Ether: Derived from work produced for a video game in 2007. Recorded in 2008.Haze: Elements from a movie score. Recorded in 2002.Vault: Alternative version of music that was adapted for a TV show. Recorded in 2001.
Comes in a digipak case.

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Lustmord - vs Metal Beast

Artists: Lustmord
P: 1997
Derived from a joint performance by Lustmord and Metal Beast broadcast live on KUCI 89.9, Orange County, California, June 20 1997.
The broadcast was put together at short notice with very little preparation, and as a result is mostly improvised, and intentionally chaotic in part, being something of an experiment.
Manipulated further and reconstructed for this release.

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Paul Haslinger - Underworld

Artists: Paul Haslinger
P: 2003
This soundtrack is magnificent but dark never the less. The music rises like mist and fills my ears with clouds of color and sound, murky, pulsating and totally electrifying. I haven't listened to it for some time and when this album came on my iPod at random it shocked my senses during my moon lit midnight walk home. The music send a kick through my insides and by the time I got home I felt like the Terminator because this music makes you walk like something out of a movie. In this soundtrack there's no subtle slithering in dark corridors, the music is eerie with an obvious feeling of approaching dread, you know that something big and bad is coming....Not every tracks it loud, some has whispers and monk's chanting, soft piano and violins ( "Eternity and a Day" for example), while others sound like an industrial revolution in the tombs occupied by the vampires. I totally loved it, highly recommended to fans of soundtracks and of fans this movie.

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Paul Haslinger - Vacancy

Artists: Paul Haslinger
P: 2007

This is the soundtrackscore to the movie Vacancy. In addition, this CD contains a remix of a track made by Lightwave Christoph Harbonnier,a remix made by Lustmord and a remix by Michael Fakesch.

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Robert Rich + B. Lustmord - Stalker

Artist: Robert Rich & B. Lustmord
P: 1994    
Robert Rich joins underground sound design legend B. Lustmord (aka Brian Williams) for an extended journey inspired by the title and the hypnotic minimalism of Andrei Tarkovisky's mesmerizing future/fiction film Stalker. "Stalker" leads into lands of isolation and deep meditation in a delirium of three dimensional sensations and of magnificent, realistic sounds. It causes alterations in one’s consciousness until one loses all reference to time and space. If we now know that for Lustmord there is no other artistic reality, for Rich this is a long awaited return to his origins, to his experiments with the lucid dreaming, to the unforgettable atmospheres in "Sunyata" – his magical first album – and to the dimension-less trance of "Trances" and "Drones".
Extensions beyond the realm of sight, frequencies from other worlds, wistful voices that are lost in the infinite before they can express their desperation – all these make "Stalker" a black hole where everything is about to end, a fearsome corner of the Universe, a weapon of the Apocalypse.
This is a psycho acoustic exploration of immense importance that renders all the other works of the sort obsolete and sets new standards of quality in the field of electronic music. A masterpiece.

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V/A - Night Passage Demixed

Artist: Paul Haslinger, Lustmord,
Thomas Köner u.a.

P: 1996
Treatments of raw wire footage from Alan Lamb's "Night Passage" session tapes (Dorobo 013). Demixed and edited with respect.
WARNING : Low frequencies in track 4 may damage some speakers. Headphones recommended.
As the liner notes state, these were demixed and edited with respect. While bearing the trademark styles of each artist, the "treatment" requires attentive listening to find the wire footage buried in each mix.
If you aren't familiar with Lamb's work, this is a good place to start as the more drone/minimalism of the artists' work makes the journey more familiar than the often jostling experience of listening to the recordings on Lamb's "Primal Image" or "Night Passage" releases.
Lamb's releases are essential, however, especially to provide context. There is a strange sense of beauty and wonder in them as attested to the fact that the artists here chose to rework them.

One remix is even made by Paul Haslinger.

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