For almost 30 years now Robin Storey has been releasing music recognized worldwide as innovative and influential. Firstly as a founder member of the groundbreaking and much lauded band Zoviet France and latterly as the solo musician and multimedia artist Rapoon.
Rapoon - Conduits And Estuaries
Artist: Rapoon
P: 2013
LTD 100
Silver manufactured CD. Collectors art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin with window displaying the CD & credits sticker on back panel. Limited edition: 100.
Performed live at One Thousand Pulses, New Jersey, May 2011.
Recorded live during his 2011 performance at Darren Bergstein's One Thousand Pulses concert series in the US, this finds the illustrious Robin Storey, aka Rapoon, building upon a formidable catalog of arch sonic ritualism, feral looping, and ragged, primordial atmospherics. Irruptions, eruptions, and blankets of humid fug surround a truly provocative, alien landscape. With this illustrious recording, Storey's work continues to tread its own idiosyncratic path.
For 30 years now Robin Storey has been releasing music recognised worldwide as innovative and influential. Firstly as a founder member of the groundbreaking and much lauded band Zoviet France and latterly as the solo musician and multimedia artist Rapoon.
From 1979-1992 Storey was a co-founder member of Zoviet France , the period during which the band produced what is widely regarded as their most innovative and creative output. From 1992 to the present day Storey has released a huge back catalogue of recordings and gained an international reputation as an experimental artist/musician in his own right.
Post 1994 Storey concentrated on his musical output and has to date released well over 70+ solo recordings as Rapoon and numerous other collaborations and side projects including Reformed Faction with Mark Spybey and Hank and Slim with Nigel Ayers.
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Rapoon - Song from the End of the World

Artist: Rapoon
P: 2016

Robin Storey otherwise known as Rapoon, and ex member and co-founder of legendary northern group Zoviet France, comes back in the frozen lands of Glacial Movements after his vision of an Europe covered by ice in "Time Frost" (2007). The English artist this time faces a theme recently discovered, and that could dramatically change the destiny of our planet.

Evoking visions of mad scientists, French researchers are set to revive a mega-virus dormant for 30,000 years that they discovered in the permafrost of the Russian Arctic. The researchers, from the French National Center for Scientific Research, say they will take precautions to revive the specimen under safe laboratory conditions. They published a paper detailing their research in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . The group of researchers is headed by Jean-Michel Claverie, who runs a laboratory at the French center. The French scientists, who awakened another Siberian virus, known as Pithovirus sibericum, in a petri dish in the lab in 2013, warn that climate change may awaken dangerous viruses in areas of the far north where soil or permafrost is melting and believe it is better to ‘know the enemy’. They found it near the same area as the latest discovery, which they named Mollivirus sibericum .This is the fourth prehistoric virus found since 2003.

Buried deep beneath the ice lies Armageddon Locked in a frozen world it waits There are songs and myths of the coming end The voices are raised in supplication to gods and nature A cold wind howls the ice slowly melts Without understanding of time It waits This is my song from the end of the world Robin Storey, 2016

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Rapoon - The Library of the Dead

Artist: Rapoon
P: 2008

LTD 500

The second CD from Robin Storey on Ewers Tonkunst after the “Mental Traveller” collaboration with Cisfinitum released in 2006.
Also this time a Russian artist is involved : the folk singer Tatyana “Toloka” Stepchenko who also took part in one track on the above mentioned album.
Tatyana kindly recorded some songs for Rapoon a capella and allowed him to pull apart, re-arrange, cut-up and re-sample her voice into the sounds and arrangements on this album.
The result is a very delicate and enlightened work, a sonic travel through clean and vast spaces of Russian North to find some ancient and ancestral recollections, made using typical Rapoon sounds, the great and unique voice by Tatyana and some very fresh and clear ambient tunes.

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V/A - Home Patterning

Artist: Van Zyl, Rich, Rapoon u.a.
P: 2011
LTD 300
One Thousand Pulses, Northeast New Jersey's premier home concert series for electronic & experimental music, presents its first compilation. Home Patterning highlights some of OTP's finest moments, extracted from a year-and-a-half of unique and special performances. These nine new & unreleased works, set down live in the OTP soundspace, are exclusive pieces of music forged by the artists in the moment, now made available to a wider audience. Like the live events themselves, these works whittle away neatly-defined categorical boundaries to instead focus on each of their artist's particular brand of sound and vision.

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