Trinity is a "new age" project featuring David Wright, Neil Fellowes and Nigel Turner-Heffer. These three accomplished composers and musicians are synonymous with melodic instrumental music and as "Trinity", they follow a much more relaxed and chilled path into meditation style music.
Trinity presents music for the heart and soul, a gorgeous blend of the strings and delicate keys of David & Neil, underpinned by the gentle acoustic guitar of Nigel. It is unashamed new age, meditation music, with a hint of romanticism thrown in as well, combining structure and emotional depth that sets it apart from the crowd. So sit back and relax, clear your mind and prepare to journey to faraway lands as you explore the gentle, drifting meditation music of "Trinity".

Trinity - Music for Angels

Artist: Trinity
P: 2011
68 minutes of drifting meditation music that's in a class of its own. This is classic instrumental music, where the three musicians have combined their respective talents to present a unique vision of what 'drifting meditation music' should be. Beautiful, delicate pads and strings intertwine with gentle lead lines underpinned by gorgeous acoustic guitar work. There's superb interaction between the musicians along the way to, from the romantic refrains of 'Loves Purest Light' through the gently uplifting 'Angels in the Sunlight' and into the thought provoking 'Eternal Reincarnation'. This is new age meditation music to savour!

13,90 EUR
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