Coma Virus

The side project by Paul Haslinger with dark ambient music.
Coma Virus
Coma Virus - Hidden

Artists: Coma Virus (Paul Haslinger)
P: 1996
This is music that some will find difficult to listen to. The soundscapes in the tracks will slowly lull you into a dream state and then like the nightmare where you find yourself falling into a deep pit suddenly shake you awake with a start.
Dark, brooding sounds hint at a presence just beyond the conscious mind (like the night creatures that wait for us to fall asleep?) characterize this album. And while Laudanum Vol. 1 (Fatagaga) and thepresentday (Jason Corder and Opium) are not antidotes they do mix well with Coma Virus and even potentiate its effects.
Coma Virus is a side project for former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger. On "Hidden" he explores pure ambient territory, somewhat reminiscent of Lightwave. Mostly a construction of sounds as opposed to ambient offerings of, say Brian Eno. Melodies are barely hinted at here, as the focus is on the sonic aspects.

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