Palmer, Jon

Jon Palmer is the name, where John and Linda Palmer based in UK, played music under.
Palmer, Jon
Jon Palmer - The Source

Artist: Jon Palmer
P: 1987 - 89 /1998

"All is at peace as the mind is gently stimulated into visions of Eden. ...Great use is made of space leaving the imagination to fill in the detail. ...the tapestry of sound pulsating and ever drifting in a very delicate way. It is as if there is a breeze causing very faint undulations over a pond which the slightest disturbance would wreck. 'Cat Songs...' rounds off the album with very strange processed sounds... ...It lasts for just over a minute but maintains the ominous, eerie feeling that permeates the whole album."
From a review by David Law (Neu Harmony)

A compilation of Ambient/Meditational pieces from Jon's early releases, "A Wheel of Stars" and "Cat Songs to an Ancient Moon". The music has been digitally cleaned up and enhanced by Ian Boddy, one of the UK's most respected composers.

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