Astral Dance

Astral Dance is the project by the swedish musician Pelle Händén.
Astral Dance
Astral Dance - Dreamscape

Artist: Astral Dance
P: 1992
Astral Dance is Pelle Handen, a Swedish synthesist who has always proved his worth as both an exemplary synthesist and composer. Here, on his third release, he reveals himself as a multi-instrumentalist of great adeptness. All in all, this is certainly his most varied and inventive album to date, cutting across and blending a wider range of styles most effectively. A sense of atmosphere plays a key role here and thus an energetic soundtrack-like mood is created. Structural simplicity and complex shifting timbres animate all thirteen pieces in this collection. What sets Pelle apart is not just that he's using new musical tools, it's how he uses them. You hear it in the sensitivity of interaction with each element, balance of timbre, texture and mood. "Dreamscape" will show a new, more innovative side of Handen's work, i.e. the purely electronic sounds. Additional musicians on the CD are Bjorn J:son Lindh on flute, Irene Tuomaninen on backing vocals and Kent Strom on additional keyboards. I found it fascinating, hypnotic and transfixing right to the end.

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