Bock, Wolfgang

The electronicmusician around Klaus Schulze, who composed his music on a boat on the far away ocean.
Bock, Wolfgang
V/A - Best of New Age 2 (3CD Set)

Artist: Kitaro, Boots, Nova, Optical Image u.a.
P: 1996
This is a compilation made by the dutch company That's Entertainment. It was released in 1996 and is a very good mix of the electronicmusic releases of that time.

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24,50 EUR
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V/A - Beyond the Skies Vol. 3

Artist: Gandalf, Software, Roedelius,
Oldfield, Optical Image u.a.

P: 2000
Very good collection of the best electronic music tracks around the year 2000.

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18,90 EUR
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Wolfgang Bock - Biscaya Sunset

Artist: Wolfgang Bock
P: 1995

This is how new age was meant to sound. Actually, this album cant really be classified as new age. It interweaves itself between the electronic genres, sometimes ambient, sometimes active and uplifting, but never is there a song that can be skipped.
After just hearing the first tune, River Rye, you'll be hooked. Trancish beats mixed with spacey undertones makes this album a must have.


15,40 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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