Holger Brüning + Reiner Pomplun are the musicians behind the project Tasis.
Tasis - Fosites Land (Helgoland - Die Musik zur Insel)

Artist: Tasis
P: 2000

Glide far out across the fabled Nordic Sea. Enjoy the primal, relaxed and playful sound of a magical, mystical and rust-red colored rock kingdom, which has been connected to the mainland for millions of years and can only be reached by ship or plane today. From a distance it towers majestically out of the sea. Fosite's land that defied any external warlike power and never lost its attraction. Diverse mysterious and spiritual power places are waiting for you here. Everyone who prefers a holistic way of life can mentally u. a. find the place of breathing, a place of foresight, a place of calm or a place of knowledge. Just let yourself go, indulge yourself in the magic of sound on this unique journey and you will never want to be without the cleverly arranged melodies of the imaginative sound magic. TASIS knows how to make electronic and synthetic sounds appear hand-made in their instrumental travel interpretation and to merge sensations of long-forgotten cultures with today's times. A completely different way of conquering Fosite's land.

Korg MS 10/20/50, M1, T1, Wave A/D, Poly 61M, DSS1, Roland D50, MT32, System 100, MKS50, S330, R70, Juno 60/106, JX3P, Yamaha DX7, CS1x/15/30, Quasimidi Sirius, Mini-Moog, Sequential Sixtrack, ARP-Odyssey, Novation Drumstation, Kurzweil Micropiano
15,90 EUR
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