Benisch, Peter

Classically trained composer, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.
Started early developing an interest for synthesizers and computers, and has built some of the synthesizers used in his musical productions.
Benisch, Peter
Peter Benisch - Soundtrack Saga

Artist: Peter Benisch
P: 2001
Overall, it's an interesting album in the genre, mainly because it doesn't feel like much of the ambient that I've heard lately. Instead, it sort of feels like a kick-back release, encorporating elements (like the soaring female vocals that aren't really saying anything, but simply adding another light element to the tracks) that feel a little bit more retro. With the current rage being glitch and minimalism, it almost feels like 1993 again on parts of the release. That's not to say it's not interesting though. Benisch definitely has an ear for nice, melodic tracks.

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