Schroyder, Steve

Steve Schroyder is based in Germany. He is known for his projects Scarcrew and Star Sounds Orchestra along with Jens Zygar. In the 70ies, he was a member of Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel.
Conrad Schnitzler + Steve Schroyder - Minced Valves

Artist: Conrad Schnitzler + Steve Schroyder
P: 1977 / 2010
LTD: 300

Lost sessions from 1977 with Patrick Gresbek. Composed by Conrad Schnitzler, Patrick Gresbek (track: 4 to 8), Steve Schroyder (track: 4 to 8)

Extinct orders of the Class Bivalvia (From the lost tapes of 1977).

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Scarecrew - Magical Mind

Artist: Scarecrew
P: 1975 / 2006
LTD 300
This is the prog-rock classic just in the style of the early Ash Ra Teple releases.
Artwork By - Sound Of Light Design , Vic Rek
Electronics [Sonic Tools] - Chaya , Christian 
Guitar - Chris Eller , Gene Gross , Thomas 
Guitar, Percussion - Raffael Schulz
Lyrics By - John L.
Other [Magical Ambience] - Elise , Janis
Other [Treasure-seeker] - Vic Rek
Percussion - Raffael Schulz
Percussion, Synthesizer [Vcs3] - Ramamurti Gresbek
Producer - Vic Rek
Synthesizer [Minimoog], Organ - Steve A(quarian) Schroyder
Vocals, Bass Guitar - Marty
Vocals, Gong, Jew's Harp, Percussion - John L(iving)
Written-By - Brueck (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 11) , Gross (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 11) , Schulz ,
Gresbeck , Schroyder

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Star Sounds Orchestra + Alien Voices - Qigong Dancing

Artist: Star Sounds Orchestra
+ Alien Voices

P: 2012
Ambient, Downbeat, PsyTrance, Tribal  and Overtone Singing
Steve Schroyder & AlienVoives combining ambient wide landscapes and pumping dance beats. Their sound is a singularity in the cosmos of music. The multilayered voices technique of overtone- and throatsinging let us dive deep into the ancient tunes of our heritage, while our feets are stomping to the tribal drums.
Certain sounds touch us more than others. The secret of these has been known by people since ancient times. Western church bells, Indian folk music and the ancient mantra “Om” are not the only things that are tuned according to these ancient tones. Hans Cousto’s discovery of the planetary frequencies unveiled the universal meaning of the Cosmic Octaves as being «an outer expression of inner connections».
The force that is unfurled by music according to the theory of universal harmony will be made felt by «Qigong Dancing». The music is the accompaniment to a journey within. Ancient tones rise as musical archetypes in resonance with an earlier embodiment of ourselves, they create deep moods, and they touch us, deeply penetrating the facade of everyday life. The songs are an invitation to feel at one with the rhythm of the earth, to sense pulsating vitality with the sun, to go into battle with Mars and to feel the force of the moon. In «Qigong Dancing», modern digital music meets ancient throat and overtone singing. The mix of complex ambient layers, driving beats and ethnic singing leaves every attempt to assign a genre to this music lost. The journey is what matters. 

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Star Sounds Orchestra - Planets

Artist: Star Sounds Orchestra
P: 1991
Magnificant gong and synthesizermusic, that has its origin in the spheric harmonies. Melodic tracks with sequencers and all you like about a good electronic music CD.

Here the last copy!

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Steve Schroyder - Klänge Bilder Welten

Artist: Steve Schroyder
P: 1990
Music in Harmony with Nature. Stars Sounds & Colors.
Steve Schroyder, in collaboration with Hans Cousto, the renouned mathematician and musicologist, has created this music on the basis of the ground tones and rhythms of the earth and the moon. In precise frequencies, Hertz for Hertz. The effects can be grasped in meditation and employed for therapeutic purposes.
The inserts show track 4 on Disc 2 as [4-8], which implies 5 parts, but there is no additional information on this index and it does not register on the CD.


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Steve Schroyder - Klänge des Lebens

Artist: Steve Schroyder
P: 2007
Some real good synthesizertunes with a few mystic berlin School sequences can be heard here.

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Steve Schroyder - S5

Artist: Steve Schroyder
P: 2009
S5 = Steve Schroyder Sound Steps to Space.
Limited release for Fans of Steve's first USA Tour October 2009.
Recorded at Ricochet Dream Studio, Red Bank, New Jersey October 7 (tracks: 1 to 4) & 9 (track: 5), 2009. Tracks 1-4 were premiered on Galactic Travels Radio Show hosted by Bill Fox on Oct. 8, 2009. Track 5 is a bonus track.

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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Croatia 2009

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2009 / 2011
Second official DVD release of the Ricochet Gathering event in Croatia in 2009. Including new improvisations by the artists.

The 10th Ricochet Gathering took place in Croatia during May 2009, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea and is now available on DVD, directed by Indra.
American producer Vik Rec organised 10 gatherings between 2000-2010, each in a different location. The ‘grand finale’ happened in 2011 in Berlin, EM's world capital. None of these events benefited from being filmed. The 10th is a well-deserved exception as it appears to have been the most beautiful, unique and successful gathering of all.
The soundtrack to the wonderful picture is a selection of the musical improvisations provided by the participating composers.

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