This US-project has the following musicians: Diane Timmons, Giles Reaves, John Rose, Tony Gerber.
The project "Spacecraft" was born in 1996 after a listening session of NASA image and sound mappings from the Voyager space probe. Tony Gerber and John Rose were so inspired by these recordings, they programmed a new palette of sounds for their synthesizers, triggered from these listening sessions. Next, they called on the talents of Chris Blazen and Diane Timmons to join them for several recording sessions that emerged as the self-titled CD, "Spacecraft". Spacecraft's music is improvisational in nature. Each concert they do is different. Gerber, Rose and Timmons are the core members of the project. However, from time to time you will see different musician's collaborating with this space trio. They were recently joined by Giles Reaves for a live planetarium show in Kentucky. Their upcoming album, “Earthtime Tapestry” includes the addition of Reaves on synthesizers.
Spacecraft - Hummel

Artist: Spacecraft
P: 1998

A recording by SPACECRAFT ("HUMMEL:Live") was originally released on Lektronic Soundscapes from the live show in October of '97 at the Hummel Planetarium. This was one of their finest live performances. It was hailed by critics worldwide.

Don't miss this great performance of Space Ambient by Spacecraft (Tony Gerber, John Rose and Diane Timmons).

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Various Artists - Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 5

Artist: Vollenweider, Spacecraft, Spool u.a.
P: 1999
New tracks from the Living Room Concert series.

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