Kellerkind Berlin

Kellerkind Berlin is the musician Christian Gorsky.
Kellerkind Berlin
Kellerkind Berlin - Songs for Travelling...

Artist: Kellerkind Berlin
P: 2016
Very versatile and different tracks from all styles within the EM. Always interesting and melodic with a good selection of synthesizer.

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V/A - There is more... (2CD)

Artist: Kellerkind Berlin, Wiesenberg, Rocco Müller,
Realtime, Stan Dart, u.a.

P: 2017
This compilation is a musicianfund project. That means, every musician on this album has given money for the realization of this project.
You will hear different styles of Electronic Music, compiled in a way that -hopefully- fits together. You will find different kinds of Dark Ambient, Ambient, Berlin School, Downtempo ...
Every musician is unique. Unique in his way of using different kinds of Instruments: Fieldrecording, Plugin-Synthesizer, Real Syntheziser, Midi-Keyboards, Computer or IPad and real Instruments.


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