Lainhart, Richard

Composer, author and filmmaker from New York City, 14 February 1953 - 30 December 2011.
Lainhart, Richard
Richard Lainhart - Polychromatic Integers

Artist: Richard Lainhart
P: 2011
LTD 300
Archival, unreleased gems culled from Richard Lainhart’s prototypical late 80s phase, a continuation and summation of the varied modes of digital expression first actualized on his remarkable debut These Last Days, veering between wayward guitar mesmerics and drone existentialism to offworld tribal process music.
Performed and produced by Richard Lainhart, recorded in real time direct to stereo DAT
Tracks 1-6 engineered by James McLean, track 7 engineered by Richard Lainhart
"The Rising Night" (1986) and "An Unknown Number" (1988) are for Yamaha WX-7 MIDI wind controller with Korg DW-8000 and EX-8000 synthesizers and E-mu Emax samplers controlled by a Mac Plus running Opcode Vision. “The Naga" (1986) is for Lync LN-4 MIDI keyboard controlling a Kurzweil 150FS synthesizer (using a Balinese scale) with Vision-controlled synths and samplers. "Desert Gardens" (1986) is for Chapman Stick played with an Ebow and Vision-controlled synths and samplers. "An Open Hand" (1989) is for Chapman Stick solo with digital delays. "Under The Clock" (1988) is for KAT MalletKAT controlling Intelligent Music's (now Cycling 74's) M interactive MIDI performance software, which in turn controls E-mu samplers. "Staring at the Moon" (1987, revised 2003) is for bowed amplified vibraphone and M controlling software samplers playing bowed vibes samples.

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