Thought Guild

Thought Guild (the duo of Christopher Cameron and Alpha Wave Movement's Gregory Kyryluck) are in a sense re-creating history by using vintage analogue synthesisers to capture a particularly rich sound that once dominated European electronic music.
Thought Guild
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.278 07/18
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 278

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Thought Guild - Archiphonic

Artist: Thought Guild
P: 2018
LTD 25
A synthesized voyage thru the hinterland of dreamy D.I.Y. instrumental music. Discovered in a dusty digital archive from 2000 all performed on yesteryear's vintage electronic instrumentation.

Limited edition of 25 hard copies.

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Thought Guild - Context

Artist: Thought Guild
P: 2002
Context evoke the sequencer-driven ambient trance of Tangerine Dream's early to mid-80's albums, as well as peak period Ashra and Klaus Schulze, the filmic world of Vangelis and the beautiful environmental ambience of early Steve Roach. The music is retro enough to tickle the ears of longtime genre fans while also contemporary enough to seduce lovers of ambient techno and trance. "Distant Star" from their first album is a perfect evocation of the Vangelis' score for Blade Runner and actually ranks alongside that's soundtrack's very best moments. Also outstanding is the gently rhythmic "Semiotic Sequence" with its exquisitely rich and spacey harmonies. What really impresses is the duo's knack for gradually layering sounds multiple melody lines and building to something without giving in to cheese or bombast ala Michael Garrison or latterday TD. Restraint is a gift, and the album walk that path with quiet grace.

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Thought Guild - Continuum

Artist: Thought Guild
P: 2005
Christopher Cameron and Gregory Kyryluk Recorded at Cameron Obscura Studio, Hartford CT, USA
All music composed, manipulated, performed and sequenced live in the moment with minimal overdubs.
Christopher Cameron - analog synthesizers (leads and effects), thought control audio manipulation, with additional rhythm programming
Gregory Kyryluk - digital synthesizers, minor sequencing, mind control audio, samples, rhythm programming
Andrew Spurrier - guitar (e-bow) on Solus.
Continuum delves deeper to combine elements of 70's Progressive and Krautrock with other elements closer to Berlin School. An unusual crossover meeting of Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro and Popol Vuh-- created with vintage analog instruments of the era.
Composed live in the moment with minimal overdubs, 'Continuum' offers a magical sound tapestry uniting the old and new in a dynamic, original, and thought-provoking second album.
Thought Guild is Greg Kyryluk (Alpha Wave Movement) and Christopher Cameron.
Thought Guild's first CD 'Context' receieved airplay worldwide, including Hearts of Space radio and many others.

Press Information

This CD from 2005 offers 56 minutes of cosmic electronic music.
Thought Guild is Christopher Cameron and Gregory Kyryluk (aka Alpha Wave Movement), with Andrew Spurrier on e-bow guitar on one track.
Strap in for a cosmic journey that heads out into space and takes you to the depths of inner consciousness. This music combines celestial elements with contemplative ambience, resulting in highly engaging EM tuneage. Pleasant tonalities provide a delicate backdrop for dreamy keyboards and astral electronics. Sparkling textures unfurl with infinite intentions. Nimble synthesizers generate a plethora of mesmerizing riffs that undulate and whirl, gently stimulating deep neurons with their sinuous patterns. Chords waft on celestial winds, goaded into looping sequences of crystalline beauty and embellished by meticulous human guidance. Lavish atmospherics surface and pulsate. Congenial riffs glisten as if airborne dew rode these synthetic notes.
E-perc plays a valuable role in this music, rendering comfortable propulsion that is durable without becoming intrusive. Blending aspects of ambience with contemporary EM, Thought Guild injects a liveliness to their soft tuneage. The compositions are thoughtful and agile, while retaining an endearing fragility. American and European styles are fused to produce a global hybrid that leaves the Earth behind in its quest for galactic vistas lurking deep in cerebral terrain.

2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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Thought Guild - Electric Curios

Artist: Thought Guild
P: 2013
From the Harmonic Resonance audio vaults found recorded vestiges that predate the debut Context. This release is a compendium of unreleased music. Rare live recordings (we never performed but 3-4 times live and even then they where very short improv's), droneworks, soundscapes and live studio curios. We used everything from old analog drum machines, Moogs, ARPs, primitive samplers and early digital synthesizers to carve the music out that was spontaneous and driven by the moment's inspiration. The music is never pre-calculated or composed although at times it may seem so the intention of Thought Guild was to let things happen and ride the wave of momentary inspiration.

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Thought Guild - Third Voyage

Artist: Thought Guild
P: 2012 / 2015
Third Voyage is the final release in a trilogy of music released by collaborative electronica duo Thought Guild.
The duo comprised of Christopher Cameron and Gregory Kyryluk (aka Alpha Wave Movement/Open Canvas & Within Reason) and focused on improvised electronica of the "non-dance" cerebral/atmospheric variety.

Once again Third Voyage tapped the improvised psyche that hearkens back to the mid 1970's early 1980s when much music was created by studio improvisations with the use of sequencers for rhythmic elements. Symbiotic absorption of Klaus Schulze, Ashra, Kitaro are all filtered here thru the carbon interfaces and should please the curious set of ears destined for something different yet accessible.
Third Voyage was to be released in 2005-6 but for reasons of planetary mis-alignment never received the justice of a public offering until 2012.
Bonus track Ki recorded in Connecticut 2003-2004. This track has not been included in the 1st pressing of the release

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