Everything you always wanted to know about the famous German Radio Show, which is still available as "Radio on CD".
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Subscribtion
This is the subscribtion for one year.
12 issues / monthly
64,00 EUR
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Joerg Strawe + Winfrid Trenkler - Das Zeitgeheimnis Audiobook

Artist: Joerg Strawe + Winfrid Trenkler
P: 2005 / 2014
Audiobook, read by Winfrid Trenkler (known for Schwingungen)
Packed in DVD Case with 5 CDs.

This book tells the fictionary story of mystic things happening in the eifelwood. So timestretching events and more action within bunkers under the surface.
Very intresting, but it is read in german!

19,90 EUR
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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