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Callisto - Live at The Hampshire Jam 2009

Artist: Callisto
P: 2009

Callisto played their first Hampshire Jam Festival on October 31st 2009. This album is a record of that performance. David Wright Wright was joined by Neil 'Geigertek' Fellowes (who replaces Dave Massey for live performances - DM doesn't do 'live').
The performance went down a storm with the audience. The Tangerine Dreams style melodic sequencer music comprised extended versions of two tracks from the forthcoming Callisto studio album "NYX" scheduled for February 2010 release, and the extended live performance is an excellent companion to the studio album. Some post production work has been done to the recording, which has been edited from the original room and house recordings and the rehearsal performances.


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Callisto - NYX

Artist: Callisto
P: 2010

More than three years in the making, Nyx is a technical and musical masterpiece! Full of stunning rhythmic, sequencer style music, it's highly modern and original, yet paradoxically, reminds us of those glorious bygone days of moogs, mellotrons and a sense of electronic music adventure. The two Davids, Wright & Massey, use their Callisto project pseudonym to express a shared teutonic musical vision, so heavily influenced by Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre. Yet cleverly, Callisto haven't forgotten that those icons of the genre included a great sense of atmosphere, emotion and musical structure. So "Nyx" contains complex sequences and driving rhythms plus tremendous musical ideas and structure; four epic tracks that weave a magical spell for a colossal 76 minutes. This really is one classy album, utilising the latest computer technology alongside classic analog synths of the past. If you thought the 2004 offering "Signal to the Stars" was good, just wait until you feast on this unbelievable follow-up. Destined to be a genuine electronic music classic!

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Can Atilla - Live

Artist: Atilla Can
P: 2003

This CD from 2003 features 64 minutes of electronic music recorded live at the Ankara International Music Festival in May of 2002. Atilla's electronics and drumming are accompanied by Murat Yucel on electric and classic guitars. Of Turkish ancestry, Can Atilla explores electronic territory in the footsteps of Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre, flavoring those influences with his own uniquely lively sensibilities. Dense keyboards belt out rapidly structured riffs with a frenetic passion, immediately drenching the audience with melodies that surge and cascade full of vigor and stamina. Sequencing provides lavish, growling under layers for the emphatic keyboards. A variety of clever electronic effects flavor the music with astral airs. Powerful percussion swiftly propels the music to epic proportions, adding larger-than-life rhythms that explode with authority. A sense of compelling grandeur is achieved, a majesty that expands with each passing minute. Fiery guitar-work embellishes the already hyperactive music, injecting ardent fury and cosmic demeanor. Possessing strong Tangerine Dream influences, Atilla forces an escalation of dazzle from those roots, generating tune age that is huge and impressively masterful. His audience reels before the sheer power of his music, dazed by its commanding presence and entranced by its engaging melodies.
To call this CD amazingly satisfying is a gross understatement.


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Code Indigo - In Concert

Artist: Code Indigo
P: 2007

This stunning double album is already being hailed as the best Code Indigo work too date. Compiled from the groups live appearances in the UK and Europe between 2004 and 2006, culminating in the e-live festival in Holland and the UK Fisher Theatre appearance, "In Concert" is the definitive record of a band in perfect harmony, performing at the peak of their combined creative and musical talents.
“In Concert” has been lovingly compiled from digital 24 track recordings of each event and features reworked classics from the best selling album “For Whom the Bell”, plus exquisite live versions of music from “Uforia”, “Timecode” and “Chill”. There is also new live material, including the stunning epic “Area 52” and an improvised 12 minute gem “Entangled in C”, performed by David Wright and Robert Fox.
Andy Lobban's guitar has never been better, from the delicate beauty of Autumn Fades to the searing leads on Eden to Chaos. Nigel Turner-Heffer's base guitar underpins Dave Massey's computer generated rhythms to great effect, and Nigel's occasional lead guitar duets with Andy gives the live versions yet another dimension. Robert Fox's chords and piano and David Wright's atmospherics and leads are in perfect unison, and so with Louise Eggerton appearing as a guest on a couple of tracks, the two and a half hours flows smoothly and effortlessly between foot tapping power and gentle beauty and back again.
“Code Indigo In Concert” perfectly captures the live energy, excitement and warmth of one of the UKs premier electronic rock bands, making it a “must have” for any Code Indigo fan, or indeed, any lover of original instrumental rock music with melody, soul and purpose.

CD #1 Track 1,2,5,6 and 7 composed by David Wright and Robert Fox
CD #1 Track 3,4 and 10 composed by David Wright, Robert Fox and Dave Massey
CD #1 Track 8 and 9 composed by Robert Fox, Dave Massey, David Wright and Louise Eggerton
CD #2 Track 1,2,3,4 and 8 composed by Robert Fox and Dave Massey
CD #2 Track 5 and 6 composed by David Wright, Robert Fox and Dave Massey
CD #2 Track 7 composed by David Wright, Robert Fox, Dave Massey and Louise Eggerton

David Wright - synths & keyboards
Robert Fox - synths & keyboards
Andy Lobban - lead & rhythm guitar
Niger Turner Heffer - bass, lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards
Dave Massey - rhythm programming
Louise Eggerton - vocal & keyboards


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David Wright - Stranger Days
Artist: Robert Fox, Klaus Hoffmann-Hook & David Wright
P: 2018

While it was originally intended to be straightforward compilation (and is listed as a Best of Vol 3 in some places), it evolved into a journey; a journey through sound and styles reflecting the luminaries of the electronic music genre whose music influenced David and shaped his music since his first album in 1989.
So as a result, it includes a lot of new and previously unreleased music alongside re-recordings of a handful of tracks, so ‘Stranger Days’ is a retrospective in terms of influences and styles.
It has been a labour of love, taking 18 months to complete. It incorporates music from live performances, studio sessions (in some instances overlooked and forgotten!) and reworked tracks and remixes.does contains a lot of new and previously unreleased music. The epic 60 minute title track, for example, is a studio re-imagining of new electronic music originally recorded live at E-Scape 2015 and previously unreleased studio recordings. There are other new tracks recorded between 2012 and 2018, some featuring the beautiful voice of Carys, alongside re-workings of older (some might say obscure?) tracks like ‘Colours of the Night’,  ‘Glass Mountains’ (also featuring Carys) and more. It also features previously unreleased music with Robert Fox and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.
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Gert Emmens + Ruud Heij - Forgotten Tracks (3CD SET)

Artists: Gert Emmens + Ruud Heij
P: 2020
LTD 300
13 of the 16 tracks are previously unreleased. However, the three previously released tracks, of which one is released on Gert Emmens solo CD Outlands, one on the Analogy 2 sampler, and one on the Schallplatte XVI sampler, have a different mix, and are also longer versions of the original tracks.


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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1999

This music was composed and played 1980, just during and after his collaboration with Klaus Schulze. This was his first solo CD and all his musical forces he learned since the seventies was melt into this powerful music. Even the famous radiostation WDR 1 with the radioshow Schwingungen selectet his track: "So weit, so gut" as intro. So what to say about this all:
it is one of the best synthesizer CDs ever made.


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Heimann - Tide

Artist: Heimann
P: 2010   

A fresh melodic album produced in an excellent Heimann-typical sound! Pleasingly accessible though touching titles remind us of his successful albums like "Touch The Sky" and "Twilight Voyager". Heimann created many new ideas by combining dreamy melodies and harmonies with decently driving beats.
Recommendable to all fans of melodic electronic music!


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Heimann - Twilight Voyager

Artist: Heimann
P: 1997    
The track Coral Island Memories was voted to be the best track in 1996. The music is somewhere in between trance and melodic electronicmusic. It has strong sequencer influences with uptodate trance rave rhythms. Recommanded for everyone who likes melodic electronic music.


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