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Cluster + Farnbauer - Live in Vienna

Artist: Cluster & Farnbauer
P: 1980 / 2010
Live in Vienna is the eighth full-length album by German electronic music outfit Cluster and their first and only album with Joshi Farnbauer. It is the first of three live albums recorded by Cluster.
On June 12, 1980 Cluster performed at the Wiener Festwochen Alternativ with Farnbauer. The performance was recorded and released as a limited edition cassette on the British York House Records (YHR) label. It was reissued in Germany on the Transmitter label of "Grüne Kraft" owner Werner Pieper.
The style of the music is highly experimental and discordant and very reminiscent of Moebius and Rodelius' early work with Conrad Schnitzler in Kluster, albeit with updated electronic instrumentation.

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Dron - Xenologix

Artist: Dron
P: 2001
Elektrolux e1011000cd

Dron is back with a new album. the producers christoph abert, ingo zobel & frederik dahlke created new aroundscapes between ambient and nu school electronica with fantastic forms of sounds and rhythms. after the last album “parsec” the new cd is a wonderful collage of perfect electronic music art.

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Erik Wollo + Wöstheinrich - Arcadia Borealis

Artist: Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich
P: 2009    
DIN 34
LTD 1000
On Arcadia Borealis Bernhard Wöstheinrich is joined by Norwegian ambient artist Erik Wøllo. The basic premise for the music on Arcadia Borealis was to look at the 18th Century when Artic explorers were like the Apollo astronauts of their time. Venturing into the great unknown with the real possibility of never returning home. A time when the books of Jules Verne & H.G.Wells were setting the tone for the scientific advances that were still to come.
Thus the album takes the listener on a journey into new and unexplored lands inspired by the landscapes and weather prevalent in Wøllo's Norwegian homeland. The 12 tracks cover a range of atmospheres with many environmental sounds providing an aural backdrop over which Wöstheinrich creates his characteristic organic, evolving rhythms. Wøllo is well known for the melodic element of his work and he weaves beautiful, beguiling melodies that rise and fall like the seas those early explorers would have sailed upon. At times the music has an austere simplicity reminiscent of Wøllo's Norwegian compatriot Biosphere and certainly each track paints a sonic picture that the listener can absorb themselves in.

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Gandalf - Fantasia

Artist: Gandalf
P: 1987
One of his early works with a lot of emotional melodies and deep synthesizer atmospheres.

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George Bishop - Colour Love

Artist: George Bishop
P: 1994
If you love Dancing Fantasy, this is a must have CD, Blue Knights/Dancing Fantasy Saxman George Bishop serves up his own cool mix of hot Smooth Jazz.
Produced, co-written and played by Dancing Fantasy.

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Giles Reaves - Nothing is Lost

Artist:  Giles Reaves
P: 1988

Giles Reaves is a Master of ambient/new age music. A lot of surprises with this particular piece. A lot of Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach & even Frank Zappa style guitar thrown into the mix but it all works out.
A great cd to relax to...meditate to....sit and enjoy a porter by candlelight to....



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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1999

This music was composed and played 1980, just during and after his collaboration with Klaus Schulze. This was his first solo CD and all his musical forces he learned since the seventies was melt into this powerful music. Even the famous radiostation WDR 1 with the radioshow Schwingungen selectet his track: "So weit, so gut" as intro. So what to say about this all:
it is one of the best synthesizer CDs ever made.


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Heimann - Tide

Artist: Heimann
P: 2010   

A fresh melodic album produced in an excellent Heimann-typical sound! Pleasingly accessible though touching titles remind us of his successful albums like "Touch The Sky" and "Twilight Voyager". Heimann created many new ideas by combining dreamy melodies and harmonies with decently driving beats.
Recommendable to all fans of melodic electronic music!


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Heimann - Twilight Voyager

Artist: Heimann
P: 1997    
The track Coral Island Memories was voted to be the best track in 1996. The music is somewhere in between trance and melodic electronicmusic. It has strong sequencer influences with uptodate trance rave rhythms. Recommanded for everyone who likes melodic electronic music.


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Ian Boddy + Markus Reuter - Dervish

Artist: Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy
P: 2009    
DIN 33
LTD 1000 Copies
Having first worked together on the enigmatic ambience of Distant Rituals (1999) and the melodic complexities of Pure (2003), Dervish is Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter’s most challenging studio collaboration to date.
Recorded in England and Austria, the album contains a guest appearance by King Crimson’s drumming and electronics wizard, Pat Mastelotto. Inspired in part by the musical theories of 20th Century composer Olivier Messiaen, there’s a terse angularity to the compositions whose unexpected textures feature the appearances of a string quartet and a recorder player.
At a personal level, the music of Dervish and the creative methods used in its composition, have pushed both Boddy and Reuter into markedly different places, forcing each one to change their usual approaches.
At a 2008 recording session in Austria, having sampled Reuter’s Touch Guitar loops, Boddy then effectively “plays” the notes.

The result is a mirage of shades and colors in which it is impossible to determine the respective roles of the players. At times Dervish occasionally flirts with playful but punchy dance beats, off-kilter funk and stabbing percussive blasts that manage to be both unsettling in their apparently anarchic deployment whilst also providing a startling focal point.
Their microscopic attention to the album’s sound design ensures every track sparkles with intriguing detail that include the spiraling pat

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Indra - Signs
Artist: Indra
P: 2006
An album which surprises us with its profusion of genres! From the classic BerlinSchool, journeying through meditative and ambient, to the new BerlinSchool, the music leaves the desire to listen to it over and over again!
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Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 1 The Time Machine

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
P: 2015

Here Jarre plays together with several different artists to receive new unique tracks.

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Joerg Strawe - Jewels

Artist: Joerg Strawe
P: 1993
This is a tribute to the legendary Yamaha CS80 Synthesizer, which Vangelis used, best known on his Bladerunner-Soundtrack.
The music was played on the original instrument of Klaus Schulze.
Some tracks are melodic some are spacemusic.


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Joerg Strawe - Legend of the Wolves

Artist: Joerg Strawe
P: 1991
Dark and light moments out of the life of the starving wolves are the themes of the CD.
Versatile tracks reflect the events around them. Sometimes with natural sounds and environments. Many sequences and a lot of different synthesizersounds are the perfect combination for this CD.

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Kitaro - From Silkroad to Ku-Kai 10 CD Set

Artist: Kitaro
P: 2009
Kitaro's exotic blend of Japanese styles and romantic melodies in the western tradition was a phenomenon all over the world and led to further acclaimed albums, remaining an indelible artistic trademark over the decades. 'This music is not from my mind,' he said. 'It is from heaven, going through my body and out my fingers through composing. Sometimes I wonder. I never practice. I don't read or write music, but my fingers move. I wonder, 'Whose song is this?'' This approach to music boasts a spiritual intensity that has helped earn Kitaro a Golden Globe, numerous Grammy Award nominations for his works - and eventually the coveted Grammy Award later on in his career. This 10 CD SET shows an overview of his music, starting with the famous soundtracks from Silkroad to his actual works Ku-Kai.

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Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Farscape

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard
P: 2008

Warm, flowing soundscapes, rhythms and well-paced sequencing with the fantastic, vibrating and very expressive voice of Lisa. This is a unique album - not in that it delivers strikingly new elements, beautiful synthesizer music has been developing for many years now, with Klaus Schulze there pretty much from the start and Lisa Gerrard's voice has become legendary, familiar across the globe - but this coming together is where the special nature of this CD lies. The musical personas of these two artists are both powerful and individual - their immersion in their craft deep and passionate - when they come together, the result is moving, mesmerizing.
Fans of Lisa Gerrard will find this double album to be yet another quality expression of her incredible sound, buoyed up with the restrained dignity of the music. Lovers of Klaus Schulze will certainly be delighted by this collaboration - his vision having come to exquisite fulfillment.

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Klaus Schulze (Wahnfried) - Drums 'n' Balls

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Wahnfried
P: 1997/
Through the end of the 70s and onwards, Klaus Schulze often recorded and performed under the pseudonym Richard Wahnfried, an homage to one of his most beloved influences, Richard Wagner. Originally released in 1997, Drums `n' Balls is one of such recordings, a decendant Ambient search for a depth shrouded in infinite atmospheric beauty, played through the unique vision of Klaus Schulze. The definitive version of Drums `n' Balls is remastered and housed in a stylish digipak with deluxe booklet with new liner notes and is numbered for collectors and features the bonus track, Chicken Biryani.
Recorded: beginning of 1997, Hambühren, Germany
Richard Wahnfried - Keys, Computer, Recording, Mix
Joe "Dum Dum" Loevenstone - Ritual Percussion
Sloto Olatunye - Sirophone, Melomanica, Bubble Drum
Katarina Nevaseynewa - Singing Voice
Venus "Fretless" Dupond - Bass

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Klaus Schulze + Lisa Gerrard - Dziekuje Bardzo DVD

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard
In the successful history of the cooperation between Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard a new chapter is written. Klaus Schulze is an institution, a living legend: He was a member of electronic bands, since 1972 he has recorded solo records, he produced Bands like Ideal or Alphaville und he took part in the recording of Schiller's platinum-album "Sehnsucht", he has entered various co operations, always full of suspense, always innovative.
Gerrard, born in Melbourne, Australia was once a member of the unique duo Dead Can Dance and has since contributed to a host of movie scores such as Gladiator, Ali and Whale Rider. She owns one of the most remarkable and expressive voices of modern times.
"I have wanted to work with Lisa since the days of Dead Can Dance in the 80's, but I never had an opportunity for such a collaboration", Schulze says.
After the extremely successful studio album to "Farscape" and the DVD/CD "Rheingold" with "Dziekuje Bardzo" (Polish for "many thanks") CD Set will be released which reveals more highlights.
The DVD not only contains the concert in Warsaw, you will also find a complete concert which was recorded the day before in the Schiller's Theatre in Berlin.
Especially the Warsaw concert was a big emotional moment and a triumphant return for Klaus Schulze
25 years after his last concerts in Poland (which can be heard on "Dziekuje Poland live 83" SPV304972) he returned to the place where he can count on his most loyal fans.
As always with Klaus Schulze exclusive new pieces were played in both concerts, Lisa Gerrard is to be heard on the tracks "Bazylika NSJ", "Godspell", "Ocean Of Innocence" and "Spanish Ballerina" as a singer, "Shoreless One" and "Shoreless Two" are two long Klaus Schulze-solo pieces with breathtaking solos on the Mini-Moog.
Both concerts differ in atmosphere, intensity and character clearly from the Loreley concert and present again a huge number of new facets.
The DVD is published in an elegant slipcase and contains the 30-minute documentation "In The Moog For Love" with a detailed interview with Lisa Gerrard in addition to the concert, directed by James L. Frachon

Recorded 12 and 13 November 2008 during concerts in Berlin and Warsaw, mix in Paris and Hambühren

Klaus Schulze - all instruments
Lisa Gerrard - vocals

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