Artemiev, Edward

Over 140 "scores for sound" created by him for the cinema impress with a diversity of themes, plots, genres and heterogeneity of artistic tasks, no matter whether they are solved by means of electronics or symphony orchestra. If necessary, the composer makes use of samplers, or acoustical instruments, or orchestra. His compositions written in the 60s-the early 70s belong to the aesthetics of avant-garde. Thank to electronics, which enabled 'to enter a qualitatively different acoustical world, sound colour and timbre became the field where a search for new musical laws and relationship could be undertaken. "Sound is a palette with most subtle and lavish nuances of colours. Electronics lends some new qualities to it: peculiar acoustical sounding, unlimited duration, abundance of timbres". It is in electronics that Artemiev finds what most appeals to his gift. For him the synthesiser is a possibility to compose" sound, timbre, to sculpt it, to lend form, "colour", energy, duration. A most fascinating task for the musician with a creator's imagination, a colourist's talent and an inventor's intuition!
Artemiev, Edward
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.311 04/2021
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 311

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V/A - Looking East Synthesizer Music from Estonia and Russia

Artist: V/A
P: 1992
Erdenklang released a special serie of collections about the best artists from a certain country of east europe. Some musicians were already known, some were known afterwards and some are real highlights at the time the cds were made.

This collection was all about artists from Estonia and Russia!

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