N.Quehl, J.Gillmann and J. Trüller have their PlasticPlant Studio in Friedrichsdorf.
Phonosynthese - Lebensstrom

Artist: Phonosynthese
P: 2002
Elektrolux e1110100cd

We welcome Elektrolux newest exciting signing Phonosynthese, who deliver a cracking debut longplayer that will go down by storm among electronic listening fans everywhere. Emerging from holes far underground the mysterious trio Doc.Nic, Mr.Rod and J has put together a magnificent collection of tracks that will bring a ray of sunshine to us all in these dark dark times. Combining classic ambient textures with a rough synthetic approach and wide range of mystic rhythms, these boys offer some outstanding sound designs that could best be described as a mushroom deranged dose of black magic. Exploring the depths of various contemporary listening styles, these fourteen little gems stray even into the deepest and darkest territories. Some being stripped down to all the essential components, while others feature a more spherical melodic approach to counteract the rougher side of this album with a bunch of relaxed moods. The overall emotional intensity of Lebensstrom is guaranteed to cause a stir on the international ambient/downbeat circuit. A slice of drawn out space funk! A true masterpiece from beginning to the end!

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Phonosynthese - Waldall

Artist: Phonosynthese
P: 2005
Elektrolux e10000111cd
"In electronic music, there is hardly another musical style referred to as often and readily as dub. Indeed, it is quite charming to give additional deepness to a track by using the echo delay to full capacity. But where others more or less stay at the surface, Doc.Nic, Mr.Rod and 'J' alias Phonosynthese are speaking the language of dub fluently, but nevertheless do not indulge in cliché audio escapisms into the Carribean. Two years after the celebrated Lebensstrom"" debut (also on Elektrolux), the trio which is living a few kilometers to the north of Frankfurt lives up to its project name by presenting a naturalistic but yet urban interpretation of sound deepness. The listener must not be misled by ostensibly humorist track titles - the ""Waldall"" absolutely is about serious music. In ""Februar Dub"", a Jamaican soundscape actually meets a shock frosted winter landscape with foggy mountains, the ""Traumzauberbaum"" is praised by heavy handclaps and a melancholic piano, a ""Glitzerblume"" is defoliated by a Jazzfunk organ with a nodding beat, and by ""Nebelhorn"" or ""Fruchttrigger"", even the melancholy ambient trance dub of the early nineties experiences an enthusiastic revival. For sure one of the most intensive and complex chillout albums in spring 2005.

Here the last copy!

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Various Artists - 2000 and Space (Elux)

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
As most people already thought electronica and chill out have been for ever spoiled and degraded to cheap sell out labels by those countless and tasteless lounge and Ibiza compilations, a CD came flying in, ready to save us from this jazzyloungychill-mess of the last years and re-new our perspective on this genre.
This creation is entitled 2000 and Space and is nothing less than the latest project of Alex Azary and his from elektrolux to elux records re-labelled imprint, which has been responsible for various seminal projects and releases since beginning of the nineties.
Especially with the euro wide broadcasted TV nightshow Space Night on Bavarian stations br and br-alpha, Alex Azary significantly contributed to establishing electronic sounds and music in German TV, film and other massmedia, even making it into feuilettons of prestigious German papers ‚Die Zeit’ and ‚F.A.Z.’.
That was 1996 up to 2001. The last Space Night compilation Alex Azary compiled was Vol. 9. following attempts to keep the series going and benefit from the cult status of the series, can be described best as "me too". This in mind, it doesn't come as a surprise to see the shows for which the music has been selected by Alex Azary still on air every night, after more than ten years...
Now Alex Azary and elux records present their 2k version of this format in full HD and with fresh new tracks, entitled ‚2000 and Space’. Accompagning the upcoming TV Pilot (...on Blu-ray soon!) elux records presents ‚2000 and Space – The mission continues. Vol. 1’, a simply remarkable Double CD Compilation, assembling the most sought after and talented electronic artists and producers of now.
No doubt, with acts and artists like Aural Float, Dan Curtin, Daniel Stefanik, Fous De La Mer, Gabriel Le Mar, Gui Boratto, Jonson, Lawrence, Luna City Express, Lusine, Quantum Leap, Ripperton, Solee, Subsonic Park, Sven Weisemann and others, this compilation by elux records sets the benchmark in electronica and chill out for 2010.

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