N.Quehl, J.Gillmann and J. Trüller have their PlasticPlant Studio in Friedrichsdorf.
Phonosynthese - Lebensstrom

Artist: Phonosynthese
P: 2002
Elektrolux e1110100cd

We welcome Elektrolux newest exciting signing Phonosynthese, who deliver a cracking debut longplayer that will go down by storm among electronic listening fans everywhere. Emerging from holes far underground the mysterious trio Doc.Nic, Mr.Rod and J has put together a magnificent collection of tracks that will bring a ray of sunshine to us all in these dark dark times. Combining classic ambient textures with a rough synthetic approach and wide range of mystic rhythms, these boys offer some outstanding sound designs that could best be described as a mushroom deranged dose of black magic. Exploring the depths of various contemporary listening styles, these fourteen little gems stray even into the deepest and darkest territories. Some being stripped down to all the essential components, while others feature a more spherical melodic approach to counteract the rougher side of this album with a bunch of relaxed moods. The overall emotional intensity of Lebensstrom is guaranteed to cause a stir on the international ambient/downbeat circuit. A slice of drawn out space funk! A true masterpiece from beginning to the end!

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