Nverxion (pronounced like "Inversion") is the name under which David Brancato records his ambient & experimental electronic works. Brancato, based in Orlando, Florida, is also a artist and photographer, and is relatively new to electronic music. Reference points for Nverxion's sound would be Numina, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Jonn Serrie and Jeff Pearce (all of whom the artist acknowledges as influences).
Nverxion - A look Within

Artist: Nverxion
P: 2007
LTD 300
Many sequences result in a new ambientproject.
Of his debut CD, Nverxion says, "A Look Within began about two years ago as a series of experimental improvisations. In the beginning I was just concerned with learning my way through the process of creating and recording the sound... As I progressed, the foundations of more advanced compositions began to form, and soon I noticed a common feeling running through each of the pieces. Building on this concept, I developed what is now a complete body of work."

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