WintherStormer is an electronic diffusion tutti band. The musicians performs with analog gear. They actually improvise music directly, manually, live and without preprogrammed aid.Band members: Terje Winther: analog synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards / Erik Stormer: analog modular synthesizers, sequencers / Atle Pakusch Gundersen: guitar, electronics, vocoder, theremin / Geir Marthin Helland: drums, percussionctly, manually, live and without preprogrammed aid.

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Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
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WintherStormer - D.E.S.H.

Artist: Wintherstormer
P: 2018

WintherStormer is sonically adventurous. The sounds themselves saturated, and the canvas of music ever so permiated with expression. Often symphonic in the way that the musical elements are given an organic polyphonic treatment rather than the ordinary song based pop/rock thing with solos in between. Harmonically venturing far beyond the ordinary two-chord minor concept.

d.e.s.h. is an acronym for ‘diatonic elaboration of static harmony’ and gives a hint of the diversity with which WintherStormer treats the harmonic element around their sequencers.

As the previous albums from WintherStormer, “d.e.s.h.” is a daring adventure into every corner of the group’s leeway with an energy of fierceness and beauty. Pushing forward as far as possible, and then a little further.

terje winther: synthesizers, sequencers, electronics
erik stormer: synthesizers, sequencers, electronics
atle pakusch gundersen: guitar, electronics, flute, etc.

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WintherStormer - Electric Fairytales

Artist: Terje Winther
The Norwegian quartet Wintherstormer, playing analogue instruments only, recorded the "live-in-studio" music of "Electric Fairytales" in front of an audience.
On this album the band has broaden and developed their sonic output and creative skills, blending musical craft and spaced-out themes.
Although retro in vein, their improvised output always continued to contain a rough, surprising and unconventional edge, which is again the case here. The four lengthy pieces on this 77-minute album seem a bit more melodic and structured compared to their previous recordings, on which psychedelic, space-out and prog themes match with vintage sequencing, guitar solo’s and drums/percussion.

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WintherStormer - Ground Connection

Artist: Terje Winther
WintherStormer has specialized in making improvised woodwork music to high acclaim. Electronics and acoustics blends in their music, and forms and patterns emerges like the warm wind exposing shapes in the glacier. With this new release the band wanted to lift music with analog modular synthesizers to new territory while staying true to their own roots.
WintherStormer is music without borders and identities. A music which oscillates between some very daring psychedelic moments and beautiful electronic passages, which are situated in the era of Schulze and Ashra Tempel. Music for very curious and risky ears!

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WintherStormer - Woodwork

Artist: Terje Winther
P: 2007
Norwegian quartet Wintherstormer must sure as hell make the pillars of heaven shake whenever the electrical arcs of their synths brave the frigid air. Led by mainman synth artisan Terje Winther, this mesmeric group, with a mere two recordings to their credit (minus an official live CDR), are poised to become one of the prime flag-bearers of the aught’s synth/sequencer paradigm. With Redshift on indefinite hiatus, only colleagues Airsculpture and Radio Massacre International can mark out similar territory; that aside, the quartet manage a calamitous, incomparable noise.
On Woodwork, synths breathe fire as sequencers tumble down their scored mountainsides like molten lava. A keen experimentalist propensity informs the group’s artistic bent, as vital an element in their make-up as the instruments they employ: “Musical Equitation Extracted from Firelogs” employs weird whispered voices, snatches of synthetic musique concrete, chattering percussives, siren-like synth wails, and demonic bursts of spectral electronic Ephemera in a wild concoction recalling David Vorhaus’s White Noise as much as TD’s Zeit.
The over half-hour “Monochrome" is a stunning tour-de-force that encompasses Reichian tinkertoy perambulations, morose blocks of synth, weeping mellotrons and processed flecks of errant guitar strain, a bracing display equaling the finest moments of its Teutonic forebears.

All music recorded composed, performed and produced by WintherStormer in January 2007
Terje Winther - analog synthesizers and sequencers
Erik Stormer - analog synthesizers and sequencers
Atle Pakusch Gundersen - guitar, electronics and voice
Geir Marthin Helland - drums, percussion and burning campfire

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