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Pete Namlook - The Four Seasons Collection

Artist: Pete Namlook
P: 2006
MP3 007
LTD: 500
This series started early 1994 with "Seasons Greetings =Winter=" and since then evolved to a successful series of all four seasons. This very balanced and unique product contains Peter's real definition of the word Ambient in a very explicit way.
Following the path of the great impressionist composers of the late 19th century, he improvised on the impressions that came to him during the four seasons. Of course these were brought to life with the instruments of our time: synthesizers, ringmodulators, incorporating environmental sounds.
The main sentences that formed the idea of these pieces of music are:
Winter - The silence is infinite
Spring - Nature is awakened
Summer - The intensity of the sun
Autumn - A stormy nature

25,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pete Namlook + Move D - The Move D Namlook Collection

Artist: Pete Namlook & Move D
P: 2003
MP3 004
LTD: 1000
The fourth MP3 CD and this time the length is 5hours and 55minutes at high encoding rates between 256kbps and 292kbps. This CD includes the first 6 Live and Live studio collaborations of Move D and Namlook edited by Move D and mastered by Pete Namlook.
Includes Neo-Jazz, Ambient and Ancient Electronica as well as innovative beats ahead of their time. Often defined as Lounge music. This nearly 6 hours of music never lead to an aggressive musical environment. Everything stays smooth and powerful at the same time. Never superficial, never "just" modern.
Most of the original CD releases are sold out and have never been reissued. So this again *is* a collectors item already. And as our first MP3 releases sold very fast we guess you don't want to miss this one. Of course original cover graphics are again included in the 16 page color-booklet.

25,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pete Namlook + Bill Laswell - The Psychonavigation Collection

Artist: Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell
P: 2003
MP3 003
LTD: 1000
The third MP3 - CD on FAX and still no other label in the electronica/Chill-Out and Ambient scene has released this kind of product.
We love to sell innovative products..
Again the length of the CD is around 5 hours at highest MP3 quality. This project has a certain development from the start in 1993 through 2002 (Psychonavigaton 5) which makes it an ideal candidate for an MP3 release.
From mysterious Dub-Ambient to early Trip-Hop and Ethno-Dub-Trance Fusion.. always ahead of its time and with two masters of the genre.
This release gives you the real Psycho-Navigation while listening to it.. enough said.. the music speaks for itself.
All the original CD releases are sold out. So this *is* a collectors item encoded at the highest possible rate 320kbps.

25,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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