Undara is a project by Nuno Pinto de Carvalho. He is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, singer, composer and producer. The musical software he use (MIDI sinth, sampler…) has been essential for composing, recording and remixing different kinds of music since 2000. Those tools helped him explore new possibilities for the instruments he play, Didgeridoo, Electric Guitar, Drums, Darbuka, Tabla, Udu...
He participated in several projects, soundtrack composition for theater shows and concerts with other musicians, from experimental noise to ambient music.
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.210 11/12
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 210

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Undara - Traveller

Artist: Undara
P: 2012

Deep inside our basic subconscioussness there is a little known backdoor acting as a gateway into the collective memory of our evolutionary history. As this memory is triggered by seemingly random everday events we find ourselves falling deeper into a time and place long thought lost though never really completely forgotten.The Undara project is a loose constellation of musicians and artists hailing from Portugal. Setting an interdisciplinary path through musical arcanum and artistic obscurity their journey of discovery leads into a dark and unknown wilderness, tripping over smoldering rocks and stumbling over the very roots of mankind's origin. Hear the distant call of the untamed lands and feel the beckoning of long forgotten places to which mankind rarely chooses to venture. Comes in a jewelcase with a 8-page booklet.

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