Czajkowska, India

The polish composer.
Her music overturns categories through a fluid blend of classical instruments, experimental vocal technique and electronic spectrum arrangements.
The dark alchemic laboratory in a deserted factory, the walls of which are breathing still with industrial noise. The space is sinking into strange sacral whispers and through the broken panes birds are flying in. The roar of the wind and the dripping of raindrops. From this mosaic of sounds the golden ringing of voice appears, cutting the thick air. This abstract landscape came to me from the sounds of the Cosmospir album.
Czajkowska, India
India Czajkowska ‎– Cosmospir

Artists:  India Czajkowska
P: 2007
LTD 300
Cosmospir is really quite enchanting, and I can't help but compare it to the works of Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance, which basically established this space decades ago. It's closer to a minimal, stripped down version of Vas or perhaps a female variant of Arcana. Yet distinct from any of these artists, bolder and more avantgarde. The whole is a relaxing listen, with the exception of the more invasive "Ticos". Cosmospir envelopes your consciousness, subtly revealing its mysteries, while remaining an intensely personal work. I've heard a lot of excellent works from HSL over the years, you are almost guaranteed to find something of high quality and forward-thinking, and this certainly belongs in that company.

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