Rachels Memory

This project is based in Bayreuth / Germany.
The musicians are also mebers of the prog rock band
In 2010 they decided to create a new project, dedicated to more melodic electronic. 

Antje Auer- vox, violin
Andreas Hack – analogue and digtal instruments
Jürgen Rennecke – bass
Christian Hack - Flute (Lost Days, Silberimortelle)
Rachels Memory
Rachel's Memory - Understated Drama

Artist:  Rachel's Memory
P: 2012
Intriguing grooves meet atmospheric synth sounds, intoxicating beats mix with harmonic strings and over these exceptional sounds float the engrossing yet captivating female vocals. The lyrics which are heavily influenced by the poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti perfectly complement the unconventional, yet fascinating atmosphere of the songs. They create a dreamlike, hypnoticatmosphere. The sound of the music was clearly influenced by the innovators of electronic music. The band, however, goes a step further and creates a more modern sound because  they use not only analogue synthesizers like the Moog Voyager
or the Andromeda A6, but also the latest means of digital sound manipulation and combine
these with the timeless beauty of classical instruments.

A couple selling points, why people would like it:
- influences of 70ies electronic music, but still original style
- interesting arrangements
- use of old analogue step sequencers in combination with the latest digital audio manipulation
- interesting combination of instruments: classical instruments meet analogue synthesizers
- adventurous yet melodic
- great singer
- atmospheric and hypnotic music

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