Timman, Johan

The dutch musician Johann Timman born in Amsterdam was equipped by MOOG, to realize his music fiction in 1981. So he only produced one album.
Timman, Johan
Johan Timman - Trip into the Body

Artist: Johan Timman
P: 1981 / 2006
If you like Moog sounds and if you like vocoder voices then this CD is a MUST!
In 1981, the world of electronic music (and further) was enriched with an album by the “big synthman from Holland”, Johan Timman. This experienced musician, composer and sound engineer created an album that took the listener on a “Trip Into The Body”.
Timman did that with all the goodies that synth manufacturer Moog could provide him with. Some was even custom engineered for Johan by Moog. The album showed a fresh new look on synthesizer music: accessible, melodically, symphonic and very well played and crafted. It was an album that received many positive reviews when it came out.
If you ever want to buy an album that can lead you through all the best possibilities and sounds that Moog instruments have to offer, “Trip Into The Body” is the album to get. Every track on the album paints a little story about a certain part of the body.
A good example of what Timman is capable of, is “The Heart” that has a great melody and also a very positive feeling.
The same counts for tracks like “The Blood Cells And The Antibodies (Look Out For The Killer)”, “The Lungs” and “Hearing (Ocean Of Sound)”. Pieces that show that Timman had created a sound of his own.
“Trip Into The Body” did quite well when it came out (35.000 LP’s were sold just in Europe), and put Timman on the map of electronic music (and further). Sadly, a follow-up was never made (but, there is hope) so we have to cherish this (second) release on cd, a mastering by Ron Boots.
This version has a bonus track, “The Heart (Still Beating)” live in the USA.

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