Schultz, Matthew

Founding member of industrial outfit Lab Report, horror film soundtracker and occasional Pigface member Matthew Schultz now operates as The Division, ditching the proto-EBM/Ministry-aggro stance of his previous work for an exercise in tense incantatory music.
Schultz, Matthew
The Division (Matthew Schultz) - Mantras

Artist: The Division (Matthew Schultz)
P: 2009
Matt Schultz, formerly of Lab Report, reassigns his sculpting digits away from his delectable material items back to the realm of music in this first release as The Division with “Mantras” the first of three albums planned.Whilst under his own name as a solo-artist preparing ambient music, here Matt entreats mysticism upon the senses with influence from The Division, “...a fraternal, hermetic organization that arose from obscure origins... in the mid ninetieth century... seeks the truth and promotes the use of the will.” Along with this it has a belief, “ the transmigration of souls, reincarnation and the creation, protection and use of sacred grimoire.” Obviously there is a strong philosophy of magic as realism and The Division champions this union of mental methodology with aural hypnographic interpretation.There is strong tactual demesne in all the tracks to Eastern sinuosity and percussive prominence. Rapid-fire toms flutter against skins like the rapping of Sufi percussionists and strange haunting dirges squeal animalistic melodies unrestrained by tonal systems. Needling stringed instruments tremolo and snake in short saccades behind the primitivism of tribal rhythms that are not just peopled with drums. Abrupt lurches of noise, skirling frequencies and steeled feedback, slithering shakers, all contribute to rhythmic effect.Compositionally the album drips exoticism of Oriental-appearing lines of single line melody supported with an entire ensemble of supportive cast. Like such eastern groups, each steps forward to take their part as soloists from the orchestral jam riddled with improvisational flicks and subtleties.The ritualism of the tracks has a definite power but never truly achieves thunderous precision due to the mix which is a little too painfully rich in the upper reaches. It can make for a difficult sustained level of listening, especially at loud volumes.The album is a standard gatefold, jewel-tray digipak. It is starkly designed, Spartan but with strong angular symbolism. A layered blood red-cross stamped on three sides, save for a partitioned octangle. With squared sans serif barely lining any notes. If you have not yet crept over to Matt’s website (both his own and The Division’s) to engage your eyes and mind with his dark realist sculptures and design do so.

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