No Accident in Paradise

The project name of the sound collective is not connected to the debut album of Sven Väth, because Jena in Thuringia has its own ‘paradise’, a huge park in the middle of the city called Paradies. They build acoustic rooms that make one belief these can be touched. No Accident in Paradise are Stachy [micro:form], Albrecht Ziepert (Pentatones) and Inannia.  
No Accident in Paradise
No Accident in Paradise - Asymetria

Artist: No Accident in Paradise
P: 2014

“For a while you can get along pretty good with one another!” answered the electro-acoustic craftsman Tim Hecker to the question: “Can a man be friends with a machine?”
Since 2008 No Accident In Paradise gets along very well with its machines. After a few compilation contributions to the Canadian label Silent Season and Freude am Tanzen, No Accident In Paradise will release their first album on the latter. Hereby Freude am Tanzen displays it’s positively joy on recreation and slides an extraordinary media into public. After all that sweat-drenched excess coming from electronic gymnastics, it’s time to rest and relax. A benefit of No Accident In Paradise with its organic landscapes of electronic sound sculptures is that the mind is not switched off, it’s insulated but everything is still there – a kind of mind calisthenics in a fully conscious slumber state.
The album consists of studio edited sound material of live sessions over a time period of 5 years. Therefore it includes tone fragments & samples from locations such as Fusion Festival, Zeche Zollverein, Toskana Therme Bad Schandau and Herschelbad Mannheim (Time Warp Festival). A further specialty of this album is various guest musicians who expanded the individual tracks by additional studio recordings. Thus next to all kind of electronic machines a collection of diverse instruments make the album alive: cello, guitar, piano, contra-bass, saxophone, step dance, vocals, flute, and violin.
Daniel Stefanik & Juno6 alias Birds Two Cage show with their exceptional rework “Fragment I“ and “Fragment II“ that experimental ambient music can also be wonderfully remixed. Both share for quite a long time their active enthusiasm for electronic music beyond the dance floor. On the basis of tone samples from No Accident In Paradise they created their own sound phantasy at the end of the album.

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