Rownd, Mark

Drawing on his experience as an abstract painter and his influences from impressionist and expressionist masters, Rownd works his compositions much like art on canvas: he pulls melody and theme forward from background to create depth of field and movement from what might appear still and flat. This sonic palette, so deftly wielded, produces profound vignettes of color and light that transcend many musical boundaries.
Rownd, Mark
Greg Klamt + Deborah Martin + Mark Rownd - Convergence

Artist: Greg Klamt + Deborah Martin + Mark Rownd
P: 2002

Performed at a concert at Ocean Song Musica, Del Mar,USA.
A collective presentation by three artists featuring new collaborative material that explores diverse rhythmic, melodic, and ambient atmospheric realms. Their distinctive styles are combined in a unique performance that includes acoustic guitar, flutes and ocarinas, custom built instruments, hand percussion, slit drums, Native American Taos drums, light vocals, and ambient textures. Convergence is an imaginative collaboration by three of Spotted Peccary's best known artists. With its impressive array of acoustic percussion and melodic instruments combined with lush atmospheres, it is a virtual gallery of sound sculptures which reveals the spirit of many diverse cultural influences. These merged styles yield inspired melodies, textures, and space.
This is a very special recording, featuring some of the best wind instrument playing you have heard in a while, as well as inventive rhythms and spot-on keyboard textures. It's got to be in the running for one of the best albums of the year!

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Mark Rownd - Painting Twilight

Artist: Mark Rownd
P: 1998
This is a very calm and soothing album. Rownd truly paints aural visions with combinations of digital synth textures and ethnic percussion that suggest glorious sunset vistas. Don't expect anything real intense or chop heavy here, although nuance can be just as effective as virtuosic displays depending on what moods you wish to communicate.

Sound quality is excellent, as this CD features 20-bit sound mapping for high-definition sonics. This is the best kind of "easy listening" music, as it can be soothing and eloquent without coming across as overly sweet or schmaltzy. This one is recommended.

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V/A - Dreams + Shadows

Artist: V/A
P: 2001
A collection of ambient and textural pieces from previous releases by David Helpling, Deborah Martin, Jon Jenkins, Mark Rownd, and J. Arif Verner.

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