Supreme Particles

Dan Powell began making sound for installation works in the mid 90's. Since moving to Brighton in 2000 he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music.
Supreme Particles was founded by the german artist Michael Saup in the year 1992. The group focussed on creating new terrain combining unexplored territories of art, science, technology and society. The group was pioneering the field of sounddriven visual processing, software as an artform and introducing high technology to the field of fine arts. The group stopped their work after reaching their climax of artistic expression and futuristic research in the year 2001. The group also played a main role in the education of a new generation of media artists around the globe.
Supreme Particles
Supreme Particles - Light as Skin

Artist: Supreme Particles
P: 1999
Elektrolux e100110cd
Supreme Particles are Michael und Anna Saup, cultural newmedia artists and welcome performing on Vienna's Ars Electronica as well as on several other exhibitions. One of their latest projects was the visual and sound installation of the Lufthansa Passenger Tunnel beneath Frankfurts Rhein-Main Airport. This exeptional Elektrolux CD-Extra release features the ambient Soundtrack, constantly performed in the tunnel, as well as data part for mac and pc with pictures, infos and Quicktime VR from the tunnel. Cultural Cult!

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