Grosskopf, Harald

Harald Grosskopf has been the first drummer and percussionist in the world of electronic music who performed with sequencers, first with Manuel Göttsching’s cult space-music band ASHRA (ASH RA TEMPEL) during the Seventies as well as WALLENSTEIN, THE COSMIC COURIERS and, of course, KLAUS SCHULZE.

He has released five solo albums until today, the latest one, Yeti Society was released in October 2004. Besides, he took part in more than 70 records with other artists.

Grosskopf, Harald
Andreas Ludwig - Callings of the Night

Artist: Andreas Ludwig
P: 1999
Music in the Sunya Beat style, but much more slower. Indian flute music with percussions.
Very relaxed and a kind of New Age. But the lineup is fantastic:

Harald Grosskopf - djembe, talking, drum
Axel Manrico Heilhecker - guitars, keyboards
Dirk Herweg - percussion
Thomas Kagermann - violin
Stefan Krachten - drums & percussion
Jaki Liebezeit  - dholak
Reiner Linke - drums & percussion
Andreas Ludwig - bamboo flutes, ekthari, tanpura, tibetan bowls

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Baltes, Grosskopf, Heilhecker - Four Times Three

Artist: Baltes, Grosskopf & Heilhecker
P: 2004
First released on Manikin label in 2001 and rereleased by Groove in 2004, Viermal Drei (4x3) from Grosskopf, Baltes, Heilhecker, is no more and no less an extension of Ashra’s works, but with a more industrial touch, always binding itself within psychedelic approach on a fine technoide structure. A great album which contains 4 extremely interesting titles. “Four Times Three” (4x3) is released under their own names. The four tracks on “Four Times Three” all have traces of the great classic Ashra albums. This means pumping sequences, great percussion- and drum parts, fine electronic atmospheres and some excellent guitar playing. In Ashra this is the job for Manuel Goettsching. He is also a little present on “Four Times Three” because a sequence of him is used in “Crazy Snake”.
“The Long Walk” shows a darker side of the trio.
For all Ashra-fans and those who are into rhythmic electronic music, “Four Times Three” is an absolute must-have.

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Bernd Kistenmacher + Harald Grosskopf - Characters
Artist: Bernd Kistenmacher & Harald Grosskopf
P: 1991

The duo of Bernd Kistenmacher and Harold Grosskopf teamed up in the early 1990s and produced Characters, a studio album, and Stadtgarten Live, a concert recording.
Both albums clearly show how two musicians with different styles and instrumentation can collaborate to create something in a slightly new direction for both of them. Kistenmacher, well known throughout Europe for his hypnotic sequences and textures has found a great team mate in Grosskopf, an experienced drummer and percussionist with strong roots in electronic and progressive music. Characters moves all over the map from mid tempo songs layering sequences and melody with dynamic rhythmic elements to more ambient affairs. Regardless, you will stay interested because each composition shows the benefit of two minds bringing some of their best ideas to bear.
It can be argued that many collaboration projects either create something new and remarkable or something pretty much forgettable with little middle ground in between. Characters is an album in the former category in that you really hear the intertwining of two fine minds.
Kistenmacher has never lacked the ability to create entrancing moods throughout his career; Grosskopf’s presence just brings out new flavors that make the music more easily accessible without losing integrity.

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Central Europe Performance - Breakfast in the Ruins

Artist: Central Europe Performance
P: 1989
Breakfast in the Ruins is classical of Eighties synths albums, a stunning delight for senses, and a great consolation for anyone that thought Teutonic synth was a dying art.
Breakfast in the Ruins is the first and to date only record-release by Central Europe Performance, a spin-off-project by Udo Hanten & Albin Meskes concentrating on live appearances and supported by other musicians from different corners of the music world.
Computer music often enough recorded by hightech fussy fanatics working like recluses in ivory towers filled with keyboards, synthesizers and other electronic instruments, to the exclusion of the public. The "CENTERAL EUROPE PERFORMANCE" (CEP) project takes the reverse path. The debut album "Breakfast In The Ruins" presents live-rehearsed matriculation products of co-operation among musicians who contributed to this work their varied experience with electronic sound material after the correctness of their ideas had been confirmed by thousands of audiences.
The group was produced and directed by Udo Hanten followed by Harald Großkopf, Marco Cancian, Albin Meskes and Frank Mevissen. Guestmusicians are Mike Pelzer, Markus Maria Jansen and Señor Canuto.
"Breakfast In The Ruins is classical of Eighties synths albums, a stunnung delight for senses, and a great consolation for anyone that thought Teutonic synth was a dying art."

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Dithmar - Zodiac Zeit

Artist: Dithmar
P: 2009

Zodiac Zeit refers to the era in West Berlin in the late 60's and early 70's, when the biggest pioneers in what would later be known as electronic music met at the Zodiac Free Arts Lab. Conrad Schnitzler, Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze was just a few of the great minds gathered at this small but vibrant cultural mekka. It all happened in the shade of the East German flag, as the city was literally surrounded by the East German Republic. A factor that had a huge impact on the citizens of West Berlin - not only political but very much on their culture as well. It was obvious that the West Berliners strived to be different and do things their own way.
This situation is culturally very similar to the situation in Copenhagen today. The Freetown of Christiania is surrounded by a society that wants them to do things the ordinary way, but the cultural life of Christiania keep delivering artists and acts that do things their own way. Danish electronic legend, Anders Trentemöller, is a typical product of the vibe that rules at Christiania, as is Dithmar. The two had the pleasure of working together in the eighties, as Trentemöller participated on Dithmar's first solo album, Computa, from 1998.
Zodiac Zeit is made as a tribute. It all started when Dithmar started recognizing his old German roots on the electronic music stage, and made a few remakes of TD and Schulze tracks. TD fanzone frontrunner, Chris Newman, discovered these tracks, and started playing them on his TDFZ online radiostation. The reactions on Dithmar's Myspace profile pushed him into making his own tracks and the Zeit Project was born. Dithmar chose to stick to the original sentiment - recognizing his respect for the old Berlin School music. Hence that the obvious musical link to Froese/Schulze is not a coincidence. It is indeed very close to the sound of Dithmar's old heroes.


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Fishmoon - Fishmoon

Artist: Fishmoon
P: 1994 / 2007    

Harald Grosskopf
Bertil Mark
Helmut Zerlett
Steve Baltes
Axel Manrico Heilhecker

1994 ,the idea came up, to record a instrumental album, which should be routed more to atmospheres, than to structural aspects in music. To accomplish this Heilhecker collected relics of his guitar-laboratories during his work as producer for Phonoroid,
Sunya Beat, Thomas Kagermann, Samson Gassama,or  Andreas Ludwig. This was done between 1995 and 1998. As a result this album established a visual sound, mainly leaded by Heilhecker's guitar, but far away from common string-acrobatics. Most different musical styles and guitar-specific playing-technics had been dismantled and brought together in new aspects. All instruments were played mainly by himself this time.
"Listening to my album today, i find all influences of my collaboratories in the 90's very clearly comin' upfront.
No picture - no sound ,this formula always has been putting a spell on me.
Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf, my longtime fellows since those days ,represent the musical caesura of the late 90's, the moveover from linear recording to virtual tracking.
Fishmoon ,moon in pisces
,is analog to a situation of sensitive processes and expressions, or a time
, when one is not able to lock up from in- and external sensations - a state of unlimitation.
What started as a collection will be continued as a conceptional edition and released Nov -  06."

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Harald Grosskopf + Eberhard Kranemann - Krautwerk

Artist: Harald Grosskopf + Eberhard Kranemann
P: 2017

Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann transmit cosmic sonic visions of today, tomorrow and beyond in one of the most exciting collaborations in recent years.Krautwerk – German efficiency, original, sensational and mind-melting man-machine transcending art, the philosophy of unbounded sonic colours and resistance thinking. For the first time ever, Harald Grosskopf (Synthesist,Ashra, Klaus Schulze) and Eberhard Kranemann (ex-Kraftwerk, Neu!, Fritz Müller) transmit their cosmic sonic visions of today, tomorrow and beyond. The Germans are great inventors. They gave us the automobile in 1886, Adidas in the 1920s and then Krautrock in 1970s.The golden children of the genre, Harald Grosskopf and Eberhard Kranemann, have united to celebrate the genre's reign as Krautwerk. Originatingfrom the German cities Berlin and Düsseldorf, Krautrock dominated the musical field from 1969 – 1975. Its influential force impacted rock and techno. Lose yourself in the trippiness of Krautwerk's psychedelic soundscapes and celebrate a movement that changed music as we know it. Kranemann and Grosskopf did not know each other until they met for the first time in 2016 on a festival where they both performed their solo projects. They decided to merge the different sounds of Düsseldorf and Berlin school of electronic music together, resulting in energetic, contemporary new sounds.

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Harald Grosskopf + Steve Baltes - Holo Syndrome

Artist: Harald Grosskopf & Steve Baltes
P: 1997
This is very fast music by the two Ashra members.

Here the last copy!

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Harald Grosskopf - Oceanheart

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1980 / 2014

Harald Grosskopf is best known as drummer in the band Ashra and for Klaus Schulze ("Moondawn") and as an electronic musician. Following "Synthesist" (1980, see below), "Oceanheart" was his second solo album. It may sound like a child of the 1980s, but in a compositional sense it is related to the Berliner Schule / Berlin School of the 70's. The reissue comes with a new artwork and was mastered from the original tapes.

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Harald Grosskopf - Oceanheart (ltd. deluxe edition 2 CD)

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1984 / 2023
Ltd 500

Limited to 500 copies each, with the first record being the original "Oceanheart" album from 1984. The second part "Oceanheart Revisited" is a remix album, created from Harald Grosskopf and Tobias Stock, an electronics engineer and owner of a top-class analogue studio where the new versions of the six "Oceanheart" tracks were created.
Harald Grosskopf is best known as drummer in the band Ashra and for Klaus Schulze ("Moondawn") and as an electronic musician. Following "Synthesist" (1980, see below), "Oceanheart" was his second solo album. It may sound like a child of the 1980s, but in a compositional sense it is related to the Berliner Schule / Berlin School of the 70's. The reissue comes with a new artwork and was mastered from the original tapes.

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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1999

This music was composed and played 1980, just during and after his collaboration with Klaus Schulze. This was his first solo CD and all his musical forces he learned since the seventies was melt into this powerful music. Even the famous radiostation WDR 1 with the radioshow Schwingungen selectet his track: "So weit, so gut" as intro. So what to say about this all:
it is one of the best synthesizer CDs ever made.


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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist 2010

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 2010
With his debut solo album "Synthesist", Harald Grosskopf was celebrated as successful solo-musician of the electronic music scene already in the early 80th. Although he mainly appeared as drummer of bands or projects such as Klaus Schulze, Ashra, Wallenstein or Scorpions as well, „Synthesist“ became one of electronic music-history’s milestones. 
30 years passed and it is consequently the right time for a sequel. His new album “Synthesist 2010” does not at all warm-up old songs. Therefore his new artwork is no refreshed copy of the first phrase. On the contrary! "Synthesists 2010" is dominated by rhythm-accentuated electronics, hypnotic elements in interplay with world-typical melodies, once dark, once happy. Intermediate, unknown, nearly experimentally appearing elements are flashing up. Just typical Harald Großkopf. Great as it is. Useless searching for fixed arrangements. Harald is playing, consciously or unconsciously, with unexpected and new song structures. Tender melodies on hot damping beats: this album is the proof that this can work without conflict. The mixture of “vintage” and “high end” is perfectly realised. Admitted, it will take some effort, but the price is a wonderful musical emotion at second glance. The one who considers this will always discover new elements, even after the 1000th run. To much promised? Of course not. Expect the unexpected.

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Harald Grosskopf - World of Quetzal

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
P: 1992

„World of Quetzal“ escorts the listener with NewAge-, Ethno- and soft Percussion sounds to the world of Quetzal. The album is carried by soft, catchy melodies and persuades through perfectly staged pop-sound-appearing arrangements. With numerous still interesting sounds, effects and a dose of electronical additions, Harald Grosskopf created a highly interesting album that convinces not only through the music but also through the sound.

The album has been remastered with high technical effort and the ethnical artwork has been replaced.

Here the last copy of the original factory pressed CD!


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Klaus Schulze - Live

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Harald Großkopf
P: 1980 / 2007
/ 2016
Recorded live during concerts in Amsterdam 1979, Berlin 1976 and Paris 1979.
Drums on Track 2: Harald Großkopf
Voice on Track 4: Arthur Brown
All tracks conveiced, composed, performed live, mastered & edited by Klaus Schulze

Taken from the Booklet:
"..I own the original and complete Kunstkopf recording from the track that we recorded in Berlin, and I glady handed it over for this release. So, here you have now the complete 51 minutes of the title SENSE, instead of the shortened LP version of just 31 minutes..."
1995. KDM

The bonus track "Le Mans au premier" is the first 18 minutes from the concert in the "Abbaye de l'Epau" outside of Le Mans, France, which took place during the tour in October and November 1979.
2007. KDM


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Mind Over Matter - Palace of the Winds

Artist: Mind Over Matter
P: 1995

The four new tracks and the remixed "Air India" were finally released in 1995 on what is considered to be one of the greatest albums of Mind over Matter, "Palace of the Winds" (IC 2243-2). The album has a beautiful cover of a Tibetan ritual and even features three bonus tracks: an edited version of "Shangri-La", a live-track by M.O.R.E. recorded in Nijmegen in November 1993 ("Himalaya") and a surprising electronic piece from 1976 named after Tibet ("Roof of the World"). Most of the new album was featured during five concerts in Sonsbeck-Hamb and Erkrath in September and November 1995. Klaus also found the time to play sitar on the album "The House of S. Phrenia" by the great German band Solar Project and to release another older track, the high-speed electronic masterpiece "Rohan Rider" from 1980. This highly recommended short track, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Here the last copy!

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N-Tribe (Harald Grosskopf + Steve Baltes) - Tower of Power

Artist: Harald Grosskopf & Steve Baltes
P: 1998 / 2004
Named after a modern art show in 1998, Tower of Power was previously only available to attendees of the show as part of the events catalogue. Thankfully the general EM-buying public can now hear this very good music by Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf.
Four lengthy sonic excursions are allowed room to grow, starting with the rhythmic gyrations of “Space”. Modern and edgy, it’s a little hard to describe, straddling the borders of trance, techno, Berlin school, and prog rock, not necessarily in that order. Mainly, it’s about beats, but there are times that the synthesizers are permitted center stage to float about. I can think of nothing to compare it to really, and I love it. Great energy, great sounds, great music.
“Speech” starts with rapid-fire clipped vocal samples, literally going “dop-dop-di-da-dop,” or something along those lines. This phrase becomes a mantra, melding with the rest of the percussion. Again the sound is much more forward than retro, and the rhythms are practically the lead instrument. Amusingly, “Speed” moves along at a leisurely pace, at first quite formless but Baltes and Grosskopf can never leave the beats behind for long, and they pound forcefully along, occasionally dropping back to allow the electronics to play and stretch a bit.
sounds very much like “Crazy Snake” from Four Times Three with Baltes, Grosskopf, and Heilhecker, without the screeching lead synth line, thankfully.
Again the rhythm is king, and it carries through to the end.
Originally released as limited edition for a live performance of MISCHA KUBALL at "Tower Of Power" art performance, Hannover 1998.

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Steve Baltes - Pictures in Rhythm

Artist: Steve Baltes
P: 1995

This music was played together with Harald Grosskopf on drums.
Some fast and some melodic tracks with the typical style of the mid 90s.


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Sunya Beat - Jelenia Gora Sessions

Artist: Sunya Beat (Grosskopf & Baltes & Heilhecker)
P: 2005
Ricochet Gathering Poland 2004
This release from 2005 offers 73 minutes of energized electronic tuneage recorded live at the Ricochet Gathering in Poland on September 10, 2004.
Sunya Beat is: Steve Baltes, Harold Grosskopf and Axel Manrico Heilhecker.

Sultry electronics, agile percussion, and searing guitar combine to create luscious music that is as capable of transfixing as it is of energizing the listener. A sense of liquidity is prominent in the electronics, imbuing the music with a slithery character that in highly engaging. Utilizing versatile sounds, the electronics provide a steadfast degree of charm with bewitching textures and more demonstrative riffs.
The percussion is topnotch; no surprise considering Grosskopf’s legendary status earned from his work with Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching’s band Ashra during the heyday of German electronic recordings. The rhythms here are snappy and intricate, generating tempos of hypnotic quality that are rich with vivacious animation. At the same time, many of the beats are strong and commanding, conveying brisk energy with relentless delivery.

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Sunya Beat - Sunya Beat

Artist: Sunya Beat
P: 1998
In 1997 Axel Manrico Heilhecker and Harald Grosskopf released their
first common album as "Sunya Beat" .
It was produced by Axel in order to feature Haralds ability ,to create
great dynamic sequences on ancient acoustic instruments and selfmade trash-drums .
This became more and more enjoyable for the two musicians
and ended up in forming the band. And Axel always knows this certain style of guitarplay, that reminds us to Manuels way at Ashra.

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