Redundant Rocker

Multitalented Musician Bernhard Wöstheinrich out of Germany. Also known as Centrozoon and Subsonic Experience.
Redundant Rocker
The Redundant Rocker - Collider

Artist: The Redundant Rocker
P: 2006    
All music written, played & produced by Bernhard Wostheinrich
Recorded and sequenced using ableton live

This is an enhanced cd with cd-rom track:
Video for We're not afraid (single version) by Bernd Thiele

The Redundant Rocker is Bernard Wöstheinrich's (synthesizer & percussion) solo project. Bernhard is known as the head of Centrozoon.
Bernhard creates a music that elegantly combines spontaneity and composition. The tracks rock, are soft and hard, passionate and scurille, and possibly because of these traits, the music is very catchy. The redundant rocker delivers an unrespectful and surprising sound somewhere in the field of "electronica", mixing "trance" and "space rock".
The result is a grumpy music of dense emotions that emerges from self-aware professionalism. The live-performance of The Redundant Rocker is characterized by improvisation. A basic musical structure is being augmented with lively progressions, added on the spot and in conjunction with the place and time of the performance. It is difficult to compare the redundant rocker, but some names come to mind, like Brian Eno, Richard Barbieri, Fat Boy Slim, Underworld or Future Sound of London.
Appealing food for people who dare!

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The Redundant Rocker - Heart

Artist: The Redundant Rocker
P: 2009    
Bernhard Woestheinrich's second album as The Redundant Rocker puts the emphasis on the 'song' and the 'feeling', as opposed to the detailed digital editing and inventive effects that marked his playful debut release, Collider.

'Heart' is a melancholy creation, which is strongly reflected in the minor keys and slow tempos of the emotive compositions.

Drawing influences from French band
M83 as well as Big Beat styles, Heart possesses a unique take on the notion of 'wall-of-sound' production values.

The fully analogue mix comes courtesy of
Clemens Schleiwies and Markus Reuter, who took a more intuitive and "rock" approach than one would usually expect with an electronic album.

The track Alluvium has been featured in an Austrian TV advert.

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Various Artists - 50 Jahre Planetenmodell Hagen

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2008
9 Artists gave their new tracks for this space compilation. Stefan Erbe asked the artists to join this project and they followed with outstanding unique tracks. It is music to announce the 50 year jubilee of the planetmodel based in Hagen / Germany. Each musician composed his track with one of the 9 planets in mind. So each track is different but in all it is a wonderful selection of space dedicated tracks.

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