The Heisenberg Compensators

Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise) and Stefan Robbers (Eevolute, Terrace) . Two dutch electronic musicians.
The Heisenberg Compensators
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The Heisenberg Compensators - Adventures of Werner and Random

Artist: The Heisenberg Compensators
P: 2016

The Heisenberg Compensators The story of The Heisenberg Compensators begins during the 2012 edition of the annual ‘Glow’ light festival in the city of Eindhoven. On this occasion, Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise) and Stefan Robbers (Eevolute, Terrace) improvised electronic music for a live light performance. Following excellent reception of their music, the duo decided to continue their collaboration. After both became infected with the Modular Virus, Stefan suggested creating ambient music together. Initially, two modular set-ups bleeped happily side by side, but Allard soon started bringing additional gear into the already wellequipped Eevolute studio. This could be anything from a rare Casio home keyboard, mandolin or selection of eccentric effects pedals to an omnichord or strange noise box. Anything that fit into his old grey suitcase could provide the starting point for a new track.  This approach resulted in a first ‘album’: an exploration of their different approaches to music and gear collections. This unreleased album served as the blueprint for music on the new album ‘The Adventures of ‘Werner and Random’. Main inspiration for this release was the track which involved guitar embedded in synthy drums and pads. ‘The Adventures of Werner and Random’ further develops this approach with Stefan playing his modular synths, drum machines and other devices whilst Allard takes care of guitars, loopers and fx. The Heisenberg Compensators’ references the work of Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), known for his ‘uncertainty principle’. The Heisenberg Compensators organize chaos in their music, at several levels. Quite literally, sometimes, with the aid of random generators. On other occasion, the randomness and organization lies in the energy going back and forth between Allard and Stefan. The Heisenberg Compensator is, of course, also a vital component of Federation Starship transporters.

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