Glimmer Room

Andy Condon lives in a self imposed exile in the wilds of north Essex, and has worked as The Glimmer Room since the turn of the century. After many years building a career predominantly in the live music scene, Andy grew tired of all the travelling and general upheaval that life in a busy band entails, and thereafter retreated into the safety of the studio, where he worked as part of a short-lived experimental dance collective called Neesh.

Glimmer Room
The Glimmer Room - Tomorrows Tuesday

Artist: The Glimmer Room
P: 200
This is an album of melodies like ice cream; they feel so wonderful, ultimately disappear leaving you with just the memory of what was, and the earnest desire to experience it all again at the first available opportunity. With swathes and layers of flowing, sliding, gliding synths, soaring leads, a solid drumming foundation, deep synth bass and more musical ideas than the Euro-mainlanders have over a dozen albums, this is a staggering achievement and one that is a signpost in how to produce a commercial set of synth music tracks without ever conforming to clich or meandering from its chosen path. It's original, has its roots in the most unlikely areas, features mellotron sounds, synths, percussives and is one of the finest UK synth albums around to day - an essential purchase.

13,90 EUR
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V/A - E-Scape 2016

Artist: V/A
P: 2016
'E-Scape 2016’ is a collection of exclusive tracks from the artists performing at the UK E-Scape Festival on 11th June 2016. There’s a varied line up and differing styles on offer, and this CD hangs together very well containing some great spacey and sequenced music. Also included are two demos from Barry Neilsen, showcasing the wonderful Modal 002 synth

13,90 EUR
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Various Artists - Awakenings 2005

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2005
This is the first Set of all Awakenings collections. Each collection contains rare unreleased material of the listed artists.

16,90 EUR
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Various Artists - Best of Awakenings Vol. 1

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
A collection of the best tracks from the Awakwnings compilations.
Here Vol. 1 with the tracks from 2005-2008.

9,50 EUR
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Various Artists - Framework

Artist: The Glimmer Room, Headshock,
Dreammaiden, Komputer, ION, The Jupiter 8 u.a.

P: 2008
Nice Sampler of british artist. The music is collection of tracks, that sounds like the 80is. Most of the tracks are unreleased.

12,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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