Rothery, Steve

Guitarist (electric and acoustic guitars) and songwriter. Born 25 November 1959, Brampton, England.
Joined Marillion (originally 'Silmarillion') 19 August 1979.
Rothery, Steve
Steve Rothery - The Ghosts Of Pripyat
Artist: Steve Rothery
P: 2015
For those like me who have enjoyed Genesis and Marillion for all musical lifetime, this album can be seen as a dream coming true - especially by the presence of Steve Hackett on 2 of the 7 tracks, the opening one "Morpheus" and the 11:43 minutes epic "Old Man of the Sea", a truly outstanding instrumental song to listen on repeat mode. I've always enjoyed Marillion as a whole but if I had to choose the instrument which made me cry of joy more times that would be the guitar of Steve Rothery. Throughout the album, I find moments of power combined with ones of beauty as still today no other guitarist can cause in my spirit; plus, this time, without Marillion's trademark sound. After more than 3 years, I'm back posting reviews because of this unexpected masterpiece I crossed with yesterday; probably, it will not reach too many ears but I hope it will reach yours.

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