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The swedish Synthesizer musician started in 1979, when he bought his first real synth; the Roland SH-1000, which he still has. You might dismiss this synth as being a very simple preset synth, but in fact the Control Section is very capable. He learned everything about analog synthesis from this synth. In the early 80's he began to expand with a Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings (wonderful!), a Boss DR-55 and a Casio VL-Tone. Korg MS-10 and SQ-10 also made a serious addition. And more were to follow...
In the 80's, he composed and recorded loads of songs, around 25 full C90 cassette tapes. As time went and he could afford more equipment, he bought a Tascam 368 8-track casette recorder, which he still uses. He recorded a few of his very best songs from 1978 to 1999, named the result "Conclusion" and sent the demo to several music magazines. In 2001 he started burning CDRs at home and started to sell his music.

Eric G
Eric G - Visions

Artist: Eric G
P: 2014
"Visions" contains four tracks in Berlin School style.
The pieces on this new album by Swedish synthesizer wizard Eric G were composed and recorded over a period of more than 25 years. They were then culled from the archives, re-recorded and re-mixed for this private album release. Four massive tracks make up "Visions".
"Moonmusic 2" starts with Jarre's trademark wind effects and then a... ahem... Jarre's trademark Eminent organ sound is introduced. A rapid sequence enters, changing as the track progresses. This has a decidedly "Oxygene / Equinoxe" air to it. Synth soloing on this track is clear and polished. Nice. More key changes follow before a drum machine rhythm is introduced. I must say that Eric has done a really good job with those synth textures - the sound is fat, warm, hypnotic and enveloping. Towards the track's equator, the sound becomes more subdued and melancholic, retaining the cosmic edge. By this point, we are in full-on Schulze mode (circa "Mirage / "Body Love"), the only thing reminding on Jarre is the barely heard background "Eminent" organ sound. A nice cosmic trip.
"Mind Windings" is straight into business with aggressive bass synth / drum machine combination, on top of which Eric lays down typical analogue solos. String chops ala early 80's Tangerine Dream add flavour to the proceedings. Overall, there's a slight minimal synth slant to this track thanks to a limited number of elements, where each sound is given the room to breathe and bloom. In other words, Eric successfully combines the 1970's with the 1980's or the Golden and the Silver age of EM. There are also nice melodic touches towards the end.
"Hallucinogenic" has a brief intro with effects before a deep, phased organ drone is introduced. Nice stuff that brings to mind the classic "Blackdance". This is the darkest part of the album so far. A gorgeous, crystal-clear analogue solo pierces the darkness for the most achingly beautiful moment of the entire disc. "Hallucinogenic" is the best track, hands down. I always loved those atmospheric / melancholic classic EM excursions, from "Moogetique" to "Blanche", from "Desert Dream" to "Albedo 0.39" and this track delivers. It has all the spaciness and melancholy you would expect from the best of the genre.
"Discovery and Loss of Crystal Vision" is the longest and final cut on the album. The title should already give a clue about its sound and, indeed, it starts with melodic moog soloing and organ strings, changing keys as ghostly effects fly by. Watch out for the deep bass notes of the Moog Taurus pedals. Mellotron choirs are all that is needed to complete your "Body Love / Mirage" picture. A different kind of sequence enters that reminds me more on the stuff you hear in sci-fi TV shows. A melodic theme is introduced a bit in the style of 80's soundtracks. A more convenient melodic sequence is then introduced, as Eric lays down guitar licks on top - very TD "Encore" but with a steady drum rhythm underneath. A nice change! The drum rhythm then gets more prominent while the soloing alternates between synth and guitar.

"Visions" is another successful installment in Eric's music career. What this album lacks in originality, it certainly makes up for in production and careful programming of sounds.

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