Espresso Del Lago

The Zürich based musician Flavio Maspoli and DJ Andre Baumgartner aka Espresso Del Lago.
"Espresso"  thereby stands for the musical substance and "del Lago" refers to the origin of the two musicians and the beauty the lake of Zurich a beauty that also is expressed by the music.
Espresso Del Lago
Espresso Del Lago - Yeki

Artist: Espresso Del Lago
P: 2007
Elektrolux 10011010cd
It might be a bit surprising that one of the most international chill out and lounge music approaches released on Elektrolux so far comes from Switzerland. On the other hand, this is just a logical consequence as it is the only European country with four official national languages. By their debut album “Yeki”, the Zurich-based musician Flavio Maspoli and DJ André Baumgartner aka Espresso Del Lago want to go beyond constricting frontiers, to take up all kinds of multi cultural influences and to transform them into something new. This approach would not be complete without the particular charm and soul of human voices. Indeed, the album opener "Sa Trincha“ with Spanish vocals by Monica takes its orignal aesthetics from the idea of Mediterranean chill out in a Cafe del Mar style. However, it definitely developed a language of its own. The same has to be said for the impressionist piano of "The World Is Ours", the Persian vocal elements by singer Sitta in "Yeki" and "Suratat" or the African influences to be heard in "Digital Divide" which add a very exotic and sensual component to the soundscape of Espresso Del Lago. Finally, the Persian album title "Yeki" means nothing but two people becoming one - the magic thing only happening in the context of true love.

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