Althea W.

Althea W is the brainchild of Bram Schenk, a multi talented musician and composer. He began his music career as a drummer and became a recording artist in 1964. Touring for many years with a band called Painting House he broadened his musical horizons playing the Hammond organ. By the end of the seventies Bram set up bands including ‘Foolcirkel’ and ‘Ganja’. In 1990, he started  the project studio “BeeMProductions”. This happened after a long period of living behind the dark mountains, fighting against addiction.

His compositions were innovative and unique and impressed many record companies, Prudence gave Bram the opportunity to create the ‘Buddha Lounge’ albums. This resulted in two successful projects. The first titled ‘Sinners and Saints’ and the second ‘Crystal Silence’. Playing all the instruments and combining samples he has succeeded again. Creating  signature arrangements with complex chanting patterns. Sampling his own recordings and adding this to the mix has given a warm richness to his sound.
Althea W.
Althea W. - Sinners and Saints

Artist: Althea W.
In recent years Bram Schenk has built himself a state of the art studio. Through a simple twist of fate Schenk met two old fellow musicians in 2001, with whom he started his current project Althea W.  Some tracks of Althea W. were already released to great acclaim on successful compilations like "Buddha Lounge", "Mystic Celtic" and "Spirit of Freedom". They now re-appear on the first full-length Althea W.-album "Sinners & Saints". Bram Schenk and his fellow musicians pleasantly surprise their listeners with a style which they call Magic Realism, a stunning combination of catchy melody lines with space ambience and a swinging groove.

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