Schaaf, Jörg

Jörg Schaaf is a german electronicmusician, who also worked together with Klaus Schulze. He only released one CD.
Schaaf, Jörg
Jörg Schaaf - Sonar Experience

Artist: Jörg Schaaf
P: 1999
Sonar Experience  is Jörg Schaaf's most personal CD production to date.
After CDs and concerts with the German synthesiser pioneer, Klaus Schulze, he laid the foundation for his own successful solo career. Jörg Schaaf worked for over a year on this solo CD, and the result is an audio adventure that will fascinate the listener again and again. The basic moody and mysterious feeling of the 13 tracks is overlaid with lyrical melodies, ecstatic grooves and hypnotic synthesiser sound-structures.

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Klaus Schulze - Dosburg Online

Artist: Klaus Schulze
1997/ 2006
Nr.: 78
Excellently improvised with dance rhythms and Mellotron sounds as musical dimension – Klaus Schulze’s contribution to the 90s. ‘Dosburg Online’ is a successful mixture of classical music and trance, and presents this old-school master of electro at one of this celebrated live recordings.
Re-issue in a deluxe Digipak packaging along with a 16-pages booklet full of pictures and new liner notes.
Recorded at concerts in Duisburg and at "Radio Fritz" Berlin Babelsberg in May 1997 and in KS' studio Hambühren, Germany in spring and summer 1997
All titles conceived, composed and played by Klaus Schulze.
Lorraine Oostwoud - lyrics on track 2 and 9.
Klaus Schulze - keys, drummachines & SQ's (all tracks).
Jörg Schaaf - keys, Rave-o-lution & SQ's on track 7,8 and 9.
Roelof Oostwoud - vocals on track 2 and 9.

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