Australis is the name for the Utah based Electronic New Age musical project by multifaceted Peruvian-born composer/producer Oscar Aguayo, although this name is often used to refer to him directly.
He named his project "Australis" (which in Latin literally means "from the South") because that word symbolizes his origins and the places where he received his primary musical influences.
Australis' style is characterized by very rich instrumentation present even in his most simplistic pieces: very melodic and clearly defined leads built over solid tonal bases (consisting of deep evolving pads or full orchestral arrangements), along with engaging rhythms, often ethnically influenced.
Instrumentally, Australis' music uses the expected electronic synthesizers and samplers, bringing unusual and interesting sound effects to blend with the main musical body. However, much of his material also exhibits classical instruments which include piano, strings (solos and ensembles) and winds (clarinets, oboes, etc). Additionally, he also includes exotic instruments for his more ethnic material: native winds and strings (zampona, charango) from the Andes regions of South America, and also from the Middle East (zurna, darbouka, etc).
Another interesting characteristic of Australis' music is the dissimilar styles he explores and compiles in his discs. For example, the album "Lifegiving" starts with a very soft, relaxing, nature-driven title track; but the second track carries a completely different more electronic flavor. Then the third track comes and it has yet another color that falls into the category of dramatic soundtrack. Later on the disc other styles are also represented, including quasi-techno-dance "Fire Tamer", classic orchestra "The Enchantment", and the ethnic "Sacred Earth".

Australis - Sentient Genus

Artists: Australis
P: 2010
Sentient Genus, Australis' third album, comes out in 2010 bringing twelve brand new tracks of pure musical explorations, once again molding the Ambient, New Age, Electronic and Orchestral styles according to his own acoustic signatures.

This album examines human nature from several of its many angles, musically presenting its observations in a unique collection of intense pieces that span almost 70 minutes. One by one, they describe aspects and behaviors, good and bad, dark and luminous that comprise our essence as species.

Very melodic pieces with a Steve Roach, Back to Earth and Brainwork touch.

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