Canada’s Mathew Jonson has become one of the preeminent producers and dj’s in electronic music today. Recording on internationally renowned labels such as Sub Static, Minus, Perlon, Kompakt, Itiswhatitis, Arbutus, and now on his newly formed label Wagon Repair, Jonson has created some of the most influential tracks of the past few years. Tracks such as ‘Decompression’, ‘Alpine Rocket’ w/ Luciano, ‘Marionette’, ‘Folding Space, ‘Typerope’, and ‘Return of the Zombie Bikers’ have found themselves on the top ten lists of artists such as Gilles Peterson, Richie Hawtin, Tiga, Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier as well as magazines such as URB, FACT, DJ, GO, Raveline, Trax and Groove, where he also received accolades as ‘Best Producer of 2004’ and Best Producer 2006. A musical prodigy since a young age, Mathew’s childhood included forays into classical piano, drums, and percussion, in which he played in the under 18 concert band at age 11. Influenced by his father’s interest in early electronic music and instruments, Mathew began to experiment with keyboards, sequencers and sound modules. From age 10, he began using computer based sequencing and sound, creating the roots for what has become one of the most distinct sounds in electronic music today. Jonson’s sounds focus on a multitude of outboard equipment, old analogues that give him the distinct hands on usage that have become notorious of his live performances. Mathew’s music is a hybrid of styles; forging influences from techno, jazz, house, drum ‘n’ bass and fusion to create flowing bass lines and synth melodies that have influenced his trademark tech-fusion sound. What has often set Mathew apart from other performers is his ability to improvise and perform with other players in a live group setting. This has resulted in musical formations such as the Modern Deep Left Quartet and Cobblestone Jazz, who have developed an international reputation for their intensely soulful and masterful composition that translates both in recording sessions and in live performance. Mathew has also collaborated with artists such as Luciano, Hrdvsion and the Mole, continually looking at new approaches to electronic music. With appearances on mix albums from Carl Craig, Daniel Bell, Adam Beyer, DJ Kosi, Monika Kruse and Ricardo Villalobos, and remixes for everyone from the Chemical Brothers and Moby to Nelly Furtado, Jonson has developed a large and varied following internationally. But as such accolades continue to roll in, Mathew’s modesty continues to speak through the meditative sounds created in his studio, a testament both to his musicianship and his authentic nature.
Jonson - Chiplandschaften

Artist: Jonson
P: 2005
Mikrolux MKX12CD
With its 12th release, the young Mikrolux label once again proves itself as an outstanding talent factory. The new member of the label’s artist family is named Jonson and is presenting a strong first release called „Chiplandschaften“.
More than two and a half years of work have been invested into this debut and a great deal of this time, producer Harald Karla has put into the breathtaking production technique of his music: all tracks are based on 8-bit sounds only which the computer fetishist has exclusively created with an Commodore Amiga 1200.
Step by step, the Amiga sounds then have been recorded manually with an Yamaha A5000 sampler and in another step have been further worked on. In this very rangy kind of work process, Jonson has produced all thirteen tracks plus two bonus tracks of his debut.
Not surprisingly, the album shows an incredibly unique sound. On „Chiplandschaften“, quiet, harmonic tracks are being mixed with subtle grooving beats („Autumnbits“), weightless worlds of sound („Tiefszene“, „r.e.s.a.m.p.l.e.“, „Prozessordenken“) invite you to float thoughtlessly.
Finally, with the beautiful, song-like melodies of „Chiplandschaften“, Smallbitter“ or „Recyclestep“ it goes unsaid that Jonson already must be looked at as the uncrowned king of computer soul.

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Jonson - P_Composing

Artist: Jonson
P: 2007
Mikrolux MKX15CD
Do computers have a soul? Are they able to create emotions by all those zeroes and ones and to develop an aesthetic interface for poetry and music? By his second album for Mikrolux, the Niederrhein-based sound researcher Harald Karla again explores the emotional subtext and harmonies in the binary code of his computer.
This time, however, he strikes less strictly technical paths as with his 2005 debut album „Chiplandschaften“ completely made of Commodore Amiga 1200 samples (also released on Mikrolux). Thus, the natural romance of tracks like 'D.A.Y.R.A.I.N.', 'A.I.R.P.O.R.T.', 'S.Y.N.C.E.D.', 'A.K.U.S.T.I.K.E.R.' or 'B.R.I.T.T.L.E.' is even more surprising. These sounds are bewitching the listener and take him to sensual depths with apparently agravic ease. Selected from more than thirty productions from the past two and a half years, the fourteen tracks of 'p_composing' all represent the vision of reproducing ambient jazz by means of downtempo elektro. And who knows - maybe the microchips in Karlas studio indeed have comfortingly lolled under his production commands?!

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V/A - Waldorf Records Zeitlos 2
Artist: Ünn, Sequential, Soehngenetic, Jonson, u.a.
P: 2002
This is a great compilation with new tracks by the listed artists. Chill-Out at its best.
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Various Artists - 2000 and Space (Elux)

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
As most people already thought electronica and chill out have been for ever spoiled and degraded to cheap sell out labels by those countless and tasteless lounge and Ibiza compilations, a CD came flying in, ready to save us from this jazzyloungychill-mess of the last years and re-new our perspective on this genre.
This creation is entitled 2000 and Space and is nothing less than the latest project of Alex Azary and his from elektrolux to elux records re-labelled imprint, which has been responsible for various seminal projects and releases since beginning of the nineties.
Especially with the euro wide broadcasted TV nightshow Space Night on Bavarian stations br and br-alpha, Alex Azary significantly contributed to establishing electronic sounds and music in German TV, film and other massmedia, even making it into feuilettons of prestigious German papers ‚Die Zeit’ and ‚F.A.Z.’.
That was 1996 up to 2001. The last Space Night compilation Alex Azary compiled was Vol. 9. following attempts to keep the series going and benefit from the cult status of the series, can be described best as "me too". This in mind, it doesn't come as a surprise to see the shows for which the music has been selected by Alex Azary still on air every night, after more than ten years...
Now Alex Azary and elux records present their 2k version of this format in full HD and with fresh new tracks, entitled ‚2000 and Space’. Accompagning the upcoming TV Pilot (...on Blu-ray soon!) elux records presents ‚2000 and Space – The mission continues. Vol. 1’, a simply remarkable Double CD Compilation, assembling the most sought after and talented electronic artists and producers of now.
No doubt, with acts and artists like Aural Float, Dan Curtin, Daniel Stefanik, Fous De La Mer, Gabriel Le Mar, Gui Boratto, Jonson, Lawrence, Luna City Express, Lusine, Quantum Leap, Ripperton, Solee, Subsonic Park, Sven Weisemann and others, this compilation by elux records sets the benchmark in electronica and chill out for 2010.

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