Back to the Moon

BACK TO THE MOON is an Electronic Music project including guitar sounds and vocal parts. The man behind this project is Jürgen Drogies from Bremen, Germany. After first experiences with bands as a pupil Jürgen founded "Thirsty Moon" together with his brother Norbert. Between 1972 and 1980 five albums of this group have been released by the legendary "Krautrock"-label "Brain". 1981 the two brothers started an 8-track recording studio for demos and for the development of new ideas. With the purchase of a Moog Prodigy and a Roland Juno 60 synthesizer Jürgen’s passion for electronic instruments began. His first hardware sequencer was the Roland MC-202. A Commodore C 64 computer with a MIDI-interface expanded the capabilities and was replaced later by the Atari ST and after that by the Apple Macintosh as digital audio workstation. During the 1980ies and 90ies Jürgen composed and produced music for commercials and collaborated with various artists. As a composer he participated on some successful songs by singer/songwriter Dirk Busch who was also his partner in writing the German lyrics for the animation film “Anastasia” in 1997.  In 2006 four LPs by “Thirsty Moon” were re-released on CD. That was the cause for Jürgen’s wish to create his own musical project. The compositions were developed on the computer and after a long break he returned to playing electric guitar and also recorded some vocal parts. In reference to the old band “Thirsty Moon” the project was named “Back to the moon”. The first album “Dreamcatcher” mainly concentrated on space themes and was released in 2007. 

Back to the Moon
Back To The Moon - Streetview

Artist: Back To The Moon
P: 2010
Although this is not a concept album the subject is running like a red line through the whole production. Beginning with the ironical "Wave and smile" and ending with the sound collage of "Street View" which is also a tribute to Thirsty Moon's "Big City". No wonder sometimes gloomy sounds appear. BACK TO THE MOON is using mostly synthesizers and sampling technology, but the electric guitar and some vocal parts also belong to the powerful and diversified sound of the whole album.

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Various Artists - Electronic Music for Life

Artist: Maxxess, Moonbooter, Spyra, Robert Schroeder,
You, Eroc, B.Kistenmacher, Wellenfeld u.v.a.

P: 2011
All new titles compsed for this compilation.
On March 11th, 2011, Japan had to experience the most powerful earthquake of its history. Pictures of the following Tsunami were seen around the world. This natural catastrophe caused extensive and long lasting consequences. In one word: Fukushima.
Ten thousands of people died, hundred thousands are homeless. Families, children and old people are fighting for their livelihood. The world is shocked and takes share in the fate of the concerned. The quiet and proud japanese people welcome this solace. But even a country like Japan cannot manage the enormous challenges alone. Therefore, the consoling words have to be followed by action!
Based on this thought, Mellowjet-Records started the project "Electronic Music FOR LIFE" shortly after the catastrophe. The idea was to release a compilation and to donate the complete revenue to a charitable organisation. The response and readiness of the addressed artists to support this project was overwhelming. So, INTERDISC agreed to sponsor the first release of a double-cd-production. Even more artists joint the project.
The Eroc Mastering Ranch offered a free audio mastering. Company Rebeat offered the free digital marketing and added a special sponsoring package. A survey among the participating artists confirmed, that the revenue should be donated to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK). Due to this remarkable development the DRK was convinced to support this project by allocating their logo. Within a few weeks only, Mellowjet-Records was able to compile and produce an excellent, 150 minutes long double-cd which involves all faces
of contemporary electronic music. Most of the 27 songs from 27 different bands and musicians have been composed exclusively for this project.
Only to mention some: Robert Schroeder, Eroc, Bernd Kistenmacher, Rolf Maier Bode, Harald Grosskopf, Mythos, Matthias Beine, Wellenfeld, Dithmar, moonbooter, Uwe Reckzeh, Spyra and many, many more. Besides dreamy sequences of Berlin School, powerful chorals, piano-ballades, orchestral works and danceable electronic music this double-cd offers as well experimental pieces, synthiepop, spacerock, chillout and ambient
music. Thus, this album should be part of every collection!
All artists as well as the label waive their share of profits. The whole revenue from sales of the double-cd and downloads will be donated to a project of the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz and will support the people in Japan directly.
Please support the victims in Japan by buying this album. Even if the world tends to forget quickly: the misery will remain in the everyday life of the people in Japan for a very long time.
Thank you very much!

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