Nagle, Paul

UK synthesist active since the early 1980s.
Also known under:
No Artificial Sweeteners
In Groups:
Binar, Cosmic Smokers, Far From Stars, Headshock, Ideation, Joint Intelligence Committee, S.T.D.M.
Nagle, Paul
Binar (aka Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle) - Another Day in La La Land

Artist: Binar (Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle)
P: 2021

Back in 2006, Paul Nagle & Andy Pickford held what was to be the last of their many improvised music sessions at Andy's studio. Due to the onset of middle age procrastination, they are yet to do another one but they're both certain that more could theoretically take place. If they can be arsed. The 2006 session wasn't especially well thought of at the time, as they'd set out with the aim to focus on rhythmic percussion and minimalism and they weren't sure it had the desired outcome. As procrastination took its toll, the session was left on archive and was forgotten. At the start of 2016, Andy rediscovered the session and noticed that these were in fact ideal backing tracks and building blocks for something to be constructed upon. And thus, with procrastination taking a bit of a recess, work began on what was to become the album Another Day in La-La-Land. Wherever possible, the original session material is presented as the main spine of a given track's structure. In some cases however, session material has been edited and restructured as seamless loops and blocks. Themes and chord sequences present in the original session have been preserved and, in cases of them being too far down in the end mix, played too briefly or incorrectly positioned in the resulting structure, they have been played afresh or enhanced with additional lines. A good deal of new material has also been added, including additional percussion, bass, pads, sequences and melodies. Pretty much anything in fact, in order to create completed semi-studio tracks. In all, the work took Andy just five weeks from start to finish.

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Ideation - Adrift
Artist: Ideation
P: 2008
Ltd 300
This release from 2009 offers 58 minutes of sprightly electronic tuneage.
Ideation is Paul Nagle and Pete Ruczynski (from Airsculpture), with Phil Smillie (on guitar on two tracks). Sinuous tunes are crafted by a diverse array of electronics with e-perc lending appropriate oomph. The electronics are extremely diverse. Texturals, keyboards, and inventive effects all contribute to the music. Instead of functioning as backdrops, the tonalities often take up vital positions amid the more substantial elements. The keyboards establish strong riffs that are then cycled to scamper through the busy mix while effects glitter all over the place. Additional riffs are introduced to the mix, resulting in a steadfast stream of bewitching aspects. The gestalt forms melodies of attractive complexity. The melodies are busy, but maintain a gentle attitude despite the hyperactivity displayed by their individual sonic components. This contrast of spry elements generating pacific tuneage is quite enthralling. While some e-perc is employed, the majority of rhythms are produced by the swift application of electronic sounds, creating tempos of a non-impact nature. These artificial rhythms enliven the music with constant animation. While some vocal effects are featured here and there, there’s no lyrical content. The voices serve as clever punctuations. The compositions are pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable. Serpentine melodies flourish with a congenial buoyancy seasoned by hordes of engaging embellishments. There’s a subtle psychedelic character to this music.

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Paul Nagle - Lore

Artist: Paul Nagle
P: 1999
On ‘Lore’ Paul Nagle has set out to present the whole body of knowledge and experience he has gained during his EM career.
The result is a sensational album which continues, and if anything increases, the momentum he seems to have found after the ‘Elemental’ series.
4 tracks are presented, all neatly packaged around the 16 minute mark, and as with Paul’s Far From Stars project there are guest musicians aplenty - largely the FFS collective underlined by the opener being ‘Chill Factor’ which featured on ‘Proxima Centauri’. Here the track has been fine tuned to perfection, developing carefully to usher in a seductive rhythm which builds seemingly endless expectation until the awe inspiring piano melody hits home. Delightful synth interplay and reversed effects lead into a sharp vox which mutates from freehand into sequence before violin joins the fray.
‘Anachronist’ opens with mellotron flute and effects before a completely sensational sequence hits home at the 4 minute mark. It tracks some delicate guitar work before the bass registers start to be progressively introduced. Layer upon layer is added to produce a mouth watering wall of sequencer backing which moves around with the main melody in delightful fashion. The track ebbs and flows, suggesting closure then flying back at you with awesome power. Japanese style detail then bridges into a more robust rhythm which overlays the sequence layers which make a dramatic return.
The mid point reached, and already this album has achieved "essential" status. Yet the remaining tracks, if anything, surpass the form of the first two.
‘Lore’ is based on the most sublime and infectious melody which is picked out on synth voices which bring to mind TD’s ‘Poland’ in one breath, Neuronium’s ‘Chromium Echoes’ in the next. Words are superfluous when confronted with such a heartfelt theme. The mid section is a rhythmic delight, and the symphonic ending a peach.
‘Cascade’ replaces melodic splendour with sequencing from the very highest echelons.

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Paul Nagle - Red Book

Artist: Paul Nagle
P: 2001
The two CDs we have here have very different characters. You very well might like one disc when you are in a particular mood but then at another time you might prefer the other. 'Blue Book' is basically a feast of Sequences sounding very retro but with fantastically strong melodies where as 'Red Book' was inspired by a holiday Paul spent in China. He took recording equipment with him capturing the atmosphere of the places he visited through the sounds around him.
Looking at 'Red Book' first, 'Multitude' begins with some of those recordings which disappear after a few seconds as a very fast sequence sizzles from the speakers over a high register lead line. A bass beat is added to the brew nestling in the middle of the mix. It is very deep but not dance sounding. At three mins the fast sequence dies away and various slow melodies weave round each other creating a slightly ominous feel, the transition from one mood to the other being handled effortlessly. This is gorgeous and captivating stuff. Allow yourself to be drawn in and wallow in the beauty. The pace starts to quicken then momentarily slows as a heavy beat can again be heard. The mood is constantly changing as the track twists and turns. It's a great way to start the CD.
We drift into 'Tomb in Darkness' on the back of more of the field recordings . This is an incredibly atmospheric track with piano initially providing the main lead. Its all rather sad but beautiful at the same time. We then get another fast high register sequence which takes us to the end. More recordings, then 'Sack of Money, Buddah'. It begins slowly with the sound of a bell then we get a superb heavy sequence / rhythm combination and things really start to rock! Its powerful stuff- my favourite bit of the album so far. 'A Night at the Opera' begins with huge ominous dark chords over which we get snapping rhythms and manic effects. More rhythms are added then a fast sequence with 'Rubycon' mellotron type effects in the background. . 'Chant & Deliver' is effectively a Berlin School sequencer romp featuring superb deep sequences over a tron background - fantastic stuff. In the middle we descend to some more of the recordings from China which provide an almost shocking contrast to what has gone on before. The sequences try to make it back to the surface but are swamped by the Chinese effects.
'Tomb in Darkness Pt 2' is a great dark moody track. A child can be heard in the mix adding to the atmosphere. 'The Goddess of Democracy' is a very short track which Paul likes and on which we agreed to differ. 'Strange Times' on the other hand is just gob smacking. We get twittering electronic effects then the first of a number of stonking sequences all combining together to form an exciting pulsating mix. A delicate highly melodic lead provides quite a contrast but boy it works so well! Even my little lad was bopping up and down in his car seat to it. 'From Space' changes the sequence but keeps up in similar blistering form to the previous number. This is no floater as the title might suggest. Instead we get sequence after sequence layered on top of each other. 'Red Book' ends with 'Shanghai Surprise'. It's a highly rhythmic track full of infectious riffs and great melodies. Just try keeping your body still to it. It's the sort of number which would make a great encore piece leaving any audience on a real high- probably the best track on a great disc.

On to 'Blue Book'. For people who like pounding or infectious sequences this disc is for you and will be worth the asking price alone. 'Power Haus' takes less than a minute for the first bass sequence to rumble forwards over which all manor of melodies are played. Each melody is exquisite - no meandering aimless lead lines here. The track builds and builds, the sequence is cranked up further - superb rhythms are added - absolutely magnificent! We flow straight into 'Wassernixe' on vast waves of sound. Things then become somewhat cosmic and out of the ether come a couple of minutes of the most exquisite piano melody, it rather reminded me of a track from 'Ages'. After this short interlude we move into 'Xyzzy' on the back of great crashing drums from which emerges a melodic sequence and then another wonderful lead line - it really doesn't get much better than this. The sequences mutate perfectly as the melodies grab you, not letting you go. If you don't like this track let me know and I will arrange your medication. To me its got everything.
'Fugsamkeit' growls into life with the deepest, meanest sequence so far. A triumphant lead flashes over the top, then its foot full down on the accelerator time as the drums enter - turn up the volume and go with the avalanche. 'Abstimmen' begins with a swirling concoction of sounds. Its all dark eerie stuff out of which slow deep pulsations rise relentlessly. More sequences come in over further tron effects. The basic pattern is set around which melodies and sequences are allowed to mutate until we move into the final cut 'Erfierung'. Here a slow rhythmic loop provides structure backed by gentle pads and a melancholy melody. At two minutes more rhythms and sequences are added and now we move forwards with a real no nonsense attitude like a tank rolling over anything that stands in its way. The leads, as throughout this disc, are fantastic but its really the rhythms and sequences which grab the attention most combining together to give one hell of a powerful conclusion. What a fantastic album!

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s.t.d.m. (Pickford + Nagle) - Ramayana

Artist: s.t.d.m. (Andy Pickford + Paul Nagle)
P: 2002
This 72 minute CD from 2002 was recorded live at the Jodrell Bank Planetarium in England in May 2002.
It begins with a glittering waterfall of crystalline electronics, spilling over the audience and readying you for an interstellar voyage. Deeper tonalities emerge, resonating with heavenly demeanor, generating a congenial cloudbank that welcomes the listener to its gently hissing embrace. Cyclic keyboards enter the mix, establishing rhythms with non-percussive sounds. Gradually, non-cyclic keyboards rise from the glistening sonic pool to delineate more forceful expressions, lending the pleasant flow a commanding presence.
All these elements commence an aerial dance that unifies them into a dynamic melody that is packed with drama and appeal.
Periodically, this upward drive abates to pause in atmospheric regions, examining the sonic qualities of breathtaking nebulas, following the gaseous streamers as these cosmic mists expand with the languid grandeur of galactic properties.
These rest-stops along the journey inevitably lead back to energetic passages that are rich with entertaining verve, sparkling with fire that rivals the starlight surrounding the audience. Rapid-fire keyboards emulate this stellar twinkling, as if each distant star pulses with cohesive patterns designed to mesmerize and energize.
Although possessing some Berlin School traits, this music displays a healthy, modern quality that carries a distinctly unique style...surging pulsations that conspire to create electronic tempos of often-frantic pace, interweaving riffs that coalesce into mighty panoramas of sound rich with astral undertones.

A very good combination of the two known artists. Nice Berlin School backgrounds with slow and different sequencing. Above it all the melodie tunes from Andy Pickford.
Three long evolving tracks for the EM listeners heart.

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V/A - A Future Age of Music

Artist: TD, Steve Jolliffe, Mark Jenkins,
Paul Nagle, White Noise u.a.

P: 1995
This is a collection made by the AMP label from the UK.

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V/A - Beyond Me

Artist: Vidna Obamana, Steve Roach,
Thom Brennan

P: 2001
The sleevenotes read like a veritable "who's who" of current synth artists: Paul Ellis, Nemesis, Free System Projekt, Robert Carty, Rudy Adrian, Kubusschnitt, Dave Fulton, Synthetic Block, Paul Nagle, Arcane, John Christian (from AirSculpture) and Ramp. This project was borne from the internet chat group "beyond_em", a thriving source of news, information and general gossip which has hundreds of subscribers, including the artists here and many more. As Paul Ellis, the co-ordinator and "guy to blame", as he describes himself, says on the sleeve ".....I was surprised by the number of other musos on the list and the high quality of their work. I threw out an idea where one musician would pick up the musical thread of the previous musician and make an album that way......"
'Beyond Me' is the result, a virtual embarrassment of riches. There is so much tempting music on this album you really won't know where to start. The majority of tracks are new, only the Arcane piece has appeared previously on the 'Alterstill' CDR, and Paul Nagle's track has appeared in remixed form on 'Blue Book'. Just before I dive into the tracks, one mention for the sleeve graphics especially the inside cover featuring cartoon cameos of all the artists - it's very cleverly done.
Fittingly Paul Ellis gets the show on the road with a fantastic piece called 'Into the Liquid Unknown' (8.19). It features magnificent sequence contortions which are sometimes left to twist and mutate in isolation, at other times accompanied by perfectly judged silken pads. Next up is 'Nemesis' with 'Siloportem'(7.25). A punchy beat underpins expert sequencing and some classic mellotron sounds. Again it's a top notch synth outing, and blends perfectly with the former piece, and the next track for that matter - 'Pharos' (5.27) from 'Free System Projekt. This really does bring to mind mid 70's EM with mellotron timbres painting a patchwork of sound which could be straight from 'Phaedra'. Half way through the piece those trademark FSP pulsations start up and we are on another roller coaster of rampant moog style sequences and epic synth textures.
Robert Carty contributes 'Outside Influences' (5.10) which opens with strange alien utterings before a slow but mammoth beat appears around which all manner or electronic detail is layered. It sounds slightly tribal, Aztec culture comes to mind, such as the more atmospheric work of Richard Burmer. Next it's Rudy Adrian with 'Secrets in Sahara Sands' (6.42) which carries on the atmosphere and style perfectly, yet stamps a very different interpretation with a choppy sequence and ethereal synth layers. Kubusschnitt's 'Vantage Trick' (6.18) will surprise (and disappoint) no-one, being a classic slab of retro sequencing with electric guitar angst pitched perfectly in the mix. Dave Fulton's 'Falling Away' (5.32) takes the baton, a strangely beguiling collection of electronic throbs and drones while 'Flash of Attention' (1.45) by Synthetic Block is a brief but perfectly formed cameo which features syncopating oscillations.
Paul Nagle's 'Adventure' (8.37) opens with a marvellous arpeggiating sequence and an infectious melody. John Hickey contributes foreboding words before "the cave closes" to allow Arcane's 'Alterstill part 3' (6.00) to be unleashed. If by some twist of fate you haven't got this track, the situation needs to be rectified immediately. First aired at Jodrell Bank, this is possibly the only track which has ever left myself and Dave Law speechless at the same time.'Heathkit Interociter' (4.12) by John Christian is a fascinating and quite unique sequence based track - wonderfully inventive in construction, very melodic and hugely entertaining. Finally Ramp serve up 'Rapture of the Deep' (6.21) and this has to be heard to be believed - atmospherics from the Gods.What an album! No matter what your taste in EM this has it all, in one cohesive high quality package. Buy without hesitation. (GG)

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V/A - GoldTri Volume One

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1998
LTD 500
This compilation GoldTri: what mean as "Golden Triangle" was released as limited edition 500pcs. on March 21, 1998, for the Alfa-Centauri festival in Huizen (The Netherlands)
and for that time all tracks was previously unreleased.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles

Artist: Paul Nagle, Parallel Worlds, Dave Bessell u.a.
P: 2018
LTD 500 Copies

Even after being involved in music since the late 1970’s Boddy has continued to explore new sonic territories and in 2016 he released what was probably his most experimental album in “Tone Science” (DiN48). This album comprised five long, slowly evolving self playing compositions realised entirely on his vast arsenal of modular synthesisers. Boddy’s love of the analogue sound has been well documented not only through his own releases but many sound and sample libraries. These instruments all but disappeared in the 1990’s but recent years has seen an unprecedented growth in interest in this form of synthesiser with a proliferation of both module manufacturers and performers using these highly flexible and personal systems. Thus, inspired by his “Tone Science” release, Boddy has set up this sub-label to feature artists and performers working in the field of modular synthesis. The first release “Module No.1 Structure and Forces” was released in March 2018 and has garnered a lot of critical acclaim. This second compilation “Module No.2 Elements and Particles”, like its predecessor, features nine artists from different musical backgrounds with the common thread being that all the tracks were composed entirely with a modular synth system. The album opens and closes with the ambient soundscapes of two tracks by Todd Barton and r beny. Barton is a world renowned exponent of Buchla modular systems as well as the Music Easel employed on this track. Austin Cairns (aka r beny) has a penchant for lo-fi looped synth atmospheres which combined, in this case, with a field recording creates a haunting, evocative piece. The next three pieces by Bluetech, Parallel Worlds and Paul Nagle build up rhythmic and sequenced elements with a fascinating amount of detail that modular systems are so good at. They also all use various methods to produce a poly-rhythmic, fractal feel as patterns shift and change throughout their tracks. The middle of the album then sees a fascinating experimental ambient interlude by Dave Bessell (a member of the synth group Node) using waveguide physical modelling in the analogue domain. The second half of the album has a rawer, more gritty feel with Richard Quirk building up a crescendo of wonderful textures in his track “Radar Hill”. This is followed by Hainbach using the exotic Ciat-Lonbarde series of hand built instruments to produce, in his words, a piece of “pure electronic music”. Nathan Moody then brings proceedings to a climax with a gnarly, muscular track using a Buchla modular system before the blissful ending piece “Marine Layer” closes out the 60 minute sonic journey the listener has just travelled. Boddy has curated both the artists and tracks on this album to flow in a musical way and not just be a collection of equipment heavy demos. Though fascinating and always cool to look at, it is important not to get lost in the gear for gear’s sake syndrome. Having said that this album features Eurorack, Serge, Buchla & Ciat-Lonbarde modular systems and the nine tracks show how varied and flexible these instruments can be. “Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles” continues the journey down the rabbit hole of possibilities and sound worlds inhabited by artists and musicians working in this ever fascinating and varied musical field.

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Various Artists - Harmonized

Artist: Air Sculpture, Asana, Under the Dome,
Paul Nagle

P: 1999
'Harmonized' contains an otherwise unavailable track each by Airsculpture, Under The Dome and Asana plus the title track from 'Lore' by Paul Nagle plus another track each by Airsculpture, Under The Dome and Asana which are already available.
I.o.w. there are seven tracks in total on the CD. Total running time 69.52 minutes. The sampler comes in a jewelcase with really nice artwork.
This sampler is a solid showcase of the talented artists assembled on the Neu Harmony label, including Asana, Airsculpture, Paul Nagle, and Under the Dome. There are two tracks by each artist, with the exception of Nagle, whose 16-minute title track from Lore is featured.
Asana's "Re-Embodiment" is a fine starter, establishing the label's trademark modern electronic sound. Things then really kick into high gear with "Launch," a previously unreleased track from Under the Dome. High energy sequencers galore, this song will strongly appeal to Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream fans. Next comes "Pogofish," one of my favorite tracks from Airsculpture's "Thunderhead" CD.
Asana's second featured track on the CD, "Gold," starts with some surprisingly straightforward guitars. Though this song plays more like an instrumental rock song than the others, it is very good, and not at all out of place.
To my knowledge, Airsculpture's "Translucent Edge" is only available on this CD, so their fans will want to check out this thoroughly enjoyable 11-minute ride through their trademark display of energetic sequencers.
As near as I can tell, the songs that appear elsewhere are in their original versions here. It would have been nice to have alternative versions or remixing to make this more of a standalone compilation. If you already own Neu Harmony releases, you are probably going to already have several of these songs. Still, it is a solid overview of the material the label offers.

1999. © Phil Derby / Wind and Wire

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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Croatia 2009

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2009 / 2011
Second official DVD release of the Ricochet Gathering event in Croatia in 2009. Including new improvisations by the artists.

The 10th Ricochet Gathering took place in Croatia during May 2009, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea and is now available on DVD, directed by Indra.
American producer Vik Rec organised 10 gatherings between 2000-2010, each in a different location. The ‘grand finale’ happened in 2011 in Berlin, EM's world capital. None of these events benefited from being filmed. The 10th is a well-deserved exception as it appears to have been the most beautiful, unique and successful gathering of all.
The soundtrack to the wonderful picture is a selection of the musical improvisations provided by the participating composers.

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Various Artists - Ricochet Gathering Keep On

Artists: V/A
P: 2010
LTD 1000

The story leading to the creation of this music goes back to 1983, when the group Tangerine Dream produced the soundtrack for Michael Mann's film The Keep, a film taking place in Romania. The music from The Keep has maintained cult status and the soundtrack eluded the general public. So, 25 years later, at the 9th Ricochet Gathering EM event, the concept was presented to compose a new interpretation of this soundtrack, in celebration of its Silver Anniversary.
The location selected was an old manor in a small village in Transylvania. The RG musicians were provided with The Keep Cues soundtrack music to study and gain inspiration and on 11 November 2008, many live & improvised performances were recorded and a selection was chosen for the first two tracks of this release.
The last track was recorded live by native Romanian Indra in 1994 and also captured the mood of The Keep sound.
I hope this music is special to you in some way.


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Various Artists - The Spirit of Christmas

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1997

Different tracks by the artists around the Christmas-theme.

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