McCann, Les

Les McCann is an inspiration, not only as an artist but because he is not afraid of anything. He comments, "I never plan the future," which leaves him with nothing to fear, and more space in which to create. His teaming with Alan Abrahams and the musicians on Listen Up! is brilliant and healing as well ... he remembers favorably the spontaneous energy created in the September 1995 recording session and notes that "it was evidently meant to be.
McCann, Les
Les McCann - Layers

Artists: Les McCann
P: 1972 / 2002
Les McCann plays every instrument except percussion on this 1972 album which features memorable moments including 'Sometimes I Cry', 'Before I Rest' and 'Never Stopped In My Hometown'. 2002. You know I wouldn't be at all surprised if Stevie Wonder was
listening to Les McCann's "Layers" album HEAVILY when he recorded his mid 70's triumphs because the electric piano sounds and textured melodies on this album bare the stamp of no one else-the overall record ranking in artistic influence right up there with Wonder's,Gaye's and Isaac Haye's recent work.But for historical note Les McCan did it first and very uniquely.First of all McCann literally "layered" moogs,clavinet's, the electric piano and varrious synthesizers to create this unique mastersrtoke of electronic funk-paving the way not only for the synthesizer onslaught to come but to every artist to come.Nevertheless there is a very abscract feel to the suite even if it's very accessible-the melodies drip and drip like a leaky faucet until they sink into the memory.Listing any particular highlites are pointless-every track is excellent o it's on and are trancendant as a whole;remarkable!
We list this record, because it is the favourite music by our good friend Winfried Trenkler.


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