TRANZIT is the artist name of electronic musician Dirk H.J.Nusink.
He was born on August the 18th, 1956 in Maassluis, the Netherlands, an old harbour city nearby the North Sea. His love for music started quite early by listening to broadcasts of music programs, received on the tube valve radio of his parents (He still remembers that green cat-eye! ).
When he was a teenager he started to listen to rockmusic of many different styles and after a while he felt the need for making music himself.
After having played percussion for a few years in several groups, he became more and more interested in creating and composing musical pieces. So for a period of time he made pop songs in cooperation with female singers and others.
But the urge for independence helped him create his own private studio. And whilst exploring the possibilities of midi instruments he started to create instrumental New Age type of music pieces.
When Dirk was 16-17 years old he listened to groups like Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Nice, Collosseum and Soft Machine.
Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre were musicians who added a major contribution to his musical search for new and exciting influences.
Later on he listened to keyboard players like Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul and Chick Corea.

Tranzit - Tranz-Rapid

Artist: Tranzit
P: 2002
Dirk H.J. Nusink, the man behind Tranzit, explains in the booklet that in his opinion electronic music is the hardest style to explore.
This, because it is so open to any form of interpretation or creative process. This is completely true because with electronic music you can go in every direction. And that is also what Dirk does on Tranz-Rapid.
Just as on his earlier albums Voyage and Tranzversal, Tranz-Rapid is also an album with a huge variation of styles.
The opening piece “Coloured Candy” reminds of the music Tangerine Dream created in the eighties because of the rhythms and beautiful sounds. Because of Dirk’s background as a drummer, his music is quite rhythmic. Also, his emphasis is on melodies. The Eastern-sounding “The Lakes Of C”. is a fine example of this, just as “Mambo D’Electrique” and “H20”.
“Nightshift X”, which is accompanied with some excellent effects (electronic as well as acoustic) and “Virtual Fertility” have more of an ambient feeling.
The last track on the CD, “Dad’s Pillow”, has a classical strain to it through the use of strings.
Tranz-Rapid has become a CD that, because of the varying character of the music, may attract a lot of people (and not only lovers of electronic music).

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Tranzit - Tranzversal

Artist: Tranzit
P: 2000
“A synthesizer is not an “imitator” of sounds, on the contrary, it has added total new colors of tones to the musical environment of today.” This is what Dutchman Dirk H.J. Nusink says in the booklet of “Tranzversal”, after “Voyage” his second CD as his musical outing Tranzit. Which lover of electronic music can argue with him? He also says, “Synthesizer or - E.M. music - is timeless, and not attached to any trend or fashion.” Well, this is surely where this album is all about.
Nusink creates electronic music which is really is not attached by any trend or fashion. He doesn’t pinpoint on one style of electronic music but uses elements from all the known genres. You can say, this leads to a totally new style of electronic music, perhaps to be called “Tranzit-electronic music”. From the progressive/symphonic sounds in “E-Drive” with its sparkling analog solo, “Moriavian Moondance” and “Niobe” to the more traditional retro-sounding “Travellin’ Lite” with its soft sequence and “Alexander+” via the spacey sounding “Aspherical” and “Gathering Of The Elders” to the experiments in “Interpolation” and “Die Faktorei/Parallax”. You can hear it on “Tranzversal”.
“Tranzversal” is a perfect album for those who can’t or won’t specialize themselves on style alone in electronic music but who don’t have the money to try everything out. ”Tranzversal” has it all!

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Tranzit - Voyage

Artist: Tranzit
P: 1997

Tranzit's first album is quite nice for a debut effort. Tranzit's main influences come from the '70s and '80s, and this album certainly takes one back to those early electronic composition days. In particular, fans of the mid '80s progressive electronic period ought to check this out.
The first song, "Lowlands" starts off with a very nice arpeggiated sequence. The rhythm builds from this and the overlaid instrumentation on top of the song keeps it fresh. "Nostalgia" follows, evoking the feelings of a cold arctic day with wind sounds and high-end strings. "DesertDust" is classic progressive electronic starting out with a small sequence, gradually adding in elements and building up to a nice, pleasing texture. Overall, it's one of the better songs on the album.
"Rick's Theme" is mostly solo piano with some soft added synthesizer elements. "Quiet Waters" is a constantly evolving, phased, yet lightly textured song. "Alexandria" has a slow, short synthesizer theme with an electronic groove. "Cryptonite" is next: a sequenced synthesizer piece very similar to Tangerine Dream's work on Miracle Mile. "After Age" follows and is a different synthesizer piece from the rest. It reminded me more of Mars Lasar's recent work. "L.F.O." is a nice, slow piece that begins with quiet textures and ends with slow, new wave jazz grooves. The album concludes with "Anklung" a bright-textured chordal synthesizer piece.
The instrumentation is quite nice, evoking a wide variety of textures and moods. The cover artwork, featuring reflective glaciers, is quite nice and sets the mood well.

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