The collaboration between Lambert Ringlage with his Berlin School style & Alien Nature (Wolfgang Barkowski) with his dark ambient orientated music.
Hypnosphere - Magnetism

Artists: Hypnosphere
P: 2007

Even though there are eight index points this is really one track split into parts with each part running seamlessly from one to the next. Unlike their first album this one is a Berlin School fest right from the opening second.
An excellent atmospheric intro leads straight into the initial sequence which builds wonderfully to become a bass laden rumbling stormer. Massed choral pads increase the intensity to almost apocalyptic proportions. In the fifteenth minute the sequences depart and we enter water dripping subterranean realms. A fresh slow sequence emerges like some throbbing transformer which gradually becomes faster and increasingly complex as more lines of pulsations come to join it working up to quite an awe inspiring frenzy.
The Second Part is a short interlude of windy effects and electronic bleeps.
The Third begins with rainy effects then a locomotive chugging sequence followed by yet another sequence- quite awesome it is too- incredibly powerful in a rather Redshift sort of way. It constantly shifts its position within the mix as it rises and falls in intensity but when it is at its peak I wanted to punch the air with excitement.
The Fourth Part is much darker with ominous organ sounds creating quite an eerie atmos.
Mellotron and more stormy effects get the Fifth Part underway. More tron is introduced- this time of the celestial choir variety. We finish with the sound of what could be a spaceship coming down to Earth.
Part Six initially continues in this same vein before restrained sequences return. Indeed this is quite a subtle hypnotic track.
We return to atmospherics for the rather short Part Seven. It’s all rather dark and gloopy with some strange effects, a little like half heard chatter deep in the mix. Looped percussion, almost like a hammer on an anvil provides a curious focus.
The Final Part finishes the album off in style as yet another excellent sequence surges forward then more lines of pulsations fall into formation (some of them quite melodic) as things build and build until the fourth minute when the intensity subsides a little to allow for a regrouping then rejuvenated sequences and rhythms make one final wonderful surge.
A highly recommended album.

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Hypnosphere - Timedrift

Artists: Hypnosphere
P: 2014
The new Hypnosphere album again features traditional Berlin School at its best. 6 long lasting tracks are the base for a start of quiet atmo-sounds that leads to fine drops of tones that develop into a driving sequencer pattern. Enriched with some e-guitar sounds the new album gets a session character that sometimes reminds you on Tangerine Dream Encore. This is a real Retro Trip through the Berlin School style.

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