Iotronica creates Ambient Space Music from her studio in a remote village by the sea in Cornwall, UK.  She gave up her singing career in the 1980s and it wasn't until 2010, after an inspiring dream about one of Jupiter's moons, Io, (in which she dreamed of sounds that had never been heard on Earth) that she decided to indulge her passion for music once again,  and in a very short time, composed some highly original Ambient Space Music. She went on to receive radio airplay, live radio interviews and also received interest from a well known Electronic Music Record Label, AD Music, all within a few months of her first composition. Her debut album is now ready to pre-order (details and link above. You can expect an album of journeys into deep space, in which she paints a vivid picture of specific planets, moons, stars and Astronomic events, with her sound palette of synthesizers, choirs and orchestras, which sometimes soothe, sometimes excite, and always leave you afterwards, with the feeling that you have just returned from other worlds...
Iotronica - Of Moon and Stars

Artists: Iotronica
P: 2014
Iotronica invites us to explore the wonders of the universe through her unique debut solo album that musically sits somewhere between a Hans Zimmer style film soundtrack and a cosmic Micheal Stearns album. It is an impressive debut! The 8 tracks create a mood that both soothes and excites as iotronica's sound pallette of synthesizers, choirs and orchestras prepares the canvas for your imagination to explore deepest space.

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