M.an O.f B.erlin S.chool is a project of Detlef Keller who has a fable for electronic music especially from Berlin School tradition. As he often played this kind of music with other projects in this case he wanted to create a solo album that is completely unaffected from any expectations neither from the audience, nor from other musicians.
M.O.B.S. - Aus dem Nichts

Artist: M.O.B.S.
P: 2014

One night this artist was playing his synthesizer and the recorder was running, as suddenly a track was born, like from “nothing”. And this track was longing for company, so quickly it was obvious, an album was at the start. Right from the beginning the album title was without doubt “Aus dem Nichts”, which means “out of nothing” as this was exactly, what happened.
During an Electronic Festival the artist met SynGate and both came to an agreement to release this album as an incognito subject.
The album refers to life as a cycle in the universe. Coming from “nothing” it ends in an unknown future. This is, what three tracks stand for:
The first 42 CDs contain an additional hidden bonustrack called “Danach – Zukunft” (Afterwards – Future)

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.229  06/14
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 229

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