Liveform is a dutch musicproject by:  Arjan Steenbergen, Menno Zielhorst, Richard Stuij
Liveform - In Harmony

Artist: Liveform
P: 1997

“In Harmony” is the debut release of the Dutch band Liveform, aka Arjan Steenbergen, Richard Stuij and Menno Zielhorst. As can be expected with such a title, the music covered here has a tranquil, balanced and relaxing character without becoming new-age. There are ten pieces in total, with quite a lot of free form soundscapes with an occasional melodic line or sequence pattern passing by with a slight romantic edge lurking somewhere in the background. I though wouldn’t call the overall outcome that expressive, as one can hear the members are still searching for a sonic direction that isn’t that clear and defined.  All in all, these first steps are necessary to lay the foundation for Remotion, a project by Arjan Steenbergen and Richard Stuij founded later on.

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Remotion - Between Fiction and Reality

Artist: Remotion
P: 2001
This debut CD by Remotion (aka Dutchmen Richard Stuij, who does the composing and overall performing, and Arjan Steenbergen, who supplies engineering and additional drums and effects) features 71 minutes of relaxing electronic music shot with edge and powerful rhythmic sensibilities. Inspired by Berlin School roots, Remotion spurn computer sequencing. Their live-in-studio recordings rely upon nimble fingers and appealing melodies. E-perc plays a delicious part in that structure, propelling the dreamy passages into more dynamic territory with sinuous and alluring tempos that remain subdued despite their motivational purpose. Sighing tones of a peaceful nature tremble in the wind, soaring on breezes stirred by a slow-building core of melodic chords and fanciful riffs. By the time the percussive enter, the listener is lulled and primed for a journey into livelier regions. Borne on this rhythmic foundation, active keyboards ooze into the mix to unfurl complex riffs that intertwine with each other, generating a lush panorama of compelling tuneage. Upon achieving an emotional euphoria, the sonic mass dwindles, receding into minimal codas that bridge each separate track. While each track exemplifies a compositional command, producing interesting melodies that tickle the mind with their playful nature.

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